Reviewing Lollacup

The good folks at Lollacup sent me one of their adorable kiddle cups to review, so cue the gratuitous pictures of my little boy!

The cup we were sent is my favorite color, which they call Happy Orange. In addition to being cute, Lollacups are made in the USA and use FDA approved, BPA-free, phthalate-free materials.The little chick head flips open to reveal the straw and flips back closed for when you stick it in the fridge. The straw is weighted on the bottom, which helps your kid when he wants to tilt the cup up (like a bottle) to get more out of it. The straw is also valve-free, which allows a young child to sip out of it without too much effort.

However, if your kid likes to shake the cup over his head to make it rain milk (this isn’t just my kid, right?!) it will NOT keep that from happening.

Ok, bring on the cute pictures!

lollacup 1
Hey mom, is that for me? Because it totally LOOKS like something for me…
lollacup 2
The handle comes off easily so you can fit it in a cup holder AND that little brush thing is a LIFE SAVER for cleaning the straw with a couple quick swipes.
lollacup 3
That’s it Jack, show off the goods!
lollacup 4
See how cute it looks in my fridge?! And yes, I totally moved the messy stuff for this picture…
lollacup 5
Jack thought the box was pretty awesome too. In fact, for the past couple weeks he’s enjoyed putting toys in the box, shaking them around and then taking them out of the box. Works for me!
lollacup 6
Oh hey Potter, can my Little Person guy ride you?

Disclosure: Lollacup provided me with a free cup to review. While I do appreciate the free cup, I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. He is so cute. Also…I’m thinking that we should seriously wear tutus one of the BlogHer days. Yours can be orange. Mine will (obviously) be hot pink. Lauren is in. Katie we can peer pressure.

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