The Brit Kit: Having a Polka Dot Party (with myself)

This is Brit — she is adorable and I want her to be my friend. (Source: the Brit + Co website)

Have you heard of Brit + Co yet? It was founded by Brit Morin, who has been called “Silicon Valley’s Martha Stewart.” In fact, she’s like a super cool, hottie version of Martha that you wish was your best friend so that you could hang out at her house, drink some wine and borrow clothes from her closet.

Ok, it’s true… I kinda have a girl crush on her. I mean, look at her! She’s adorable!

As you might know I get my son the monthly box from Citrus Lane and I’ve really been wanting something for MYSELF to enjoy. Momma needs a TREAT every so often, you know what I mean?!

I tried out a couple different subscription box companies, but hadn’t really found anything I loved. So when I was offered a Brit Kit to review, I was curious to see if it was the subscription box of my dreams or yet another sad trombone moment.

instructionsI was sent the February Brit Kit, which had the theme of Polka Dot Party Popcorn. Um, okay. I mean, I like popcorn and I like polka dots…

The kit came with a little postcard sized brochure explaining what you could make and contained: white chocolate candy melts, nonpareils, cinnamon drops, edible gold stars, popcorn, 5 black popcorn bags, 5 teal cloth napkins, gold paint and a Brit + Co pencil. There was also a bonus discount code for an app called Over.

Project #1: Polka Dot Popcorn
popcornI popped the popcorn and melted the white chocolate candy. Once it was all hot, I drizzled the white chocolate over the popcorn and shook on some of the toppings. Okay, this project was totally a winner! I have a TON of ingredients left over to do it again (everything except the popcorn) and it would make a really cute little snack for a kid’s party. Or, even a grown up party. And the best part… it was DELICIOUS!

Project #2: Polka Dot Napkins

making napkin

I grabbed the container of gold paint, the pencil and the teal napkins for the next project. The instructions showed how to make the polka dots by dipping the pencil eraser in the paint and stamping it all over the napkin. I decided to just do around the edges of the napkin and really like how it turned out. This isn’t something I would think to do on my own, but I really like the finished product. I also have almost the whole tube of gold paint left, so I’ve been scanning the house for more things to paint!

Project #3: Polka Dot Bags

place setting

Here’s where I went off course – you were supposed to paint the bags with gold polka dots so that they matched the napkins and then put servings of the popcorn in the bags for your party. Well, I wasn’t actually having a party, but I did play around with the bag and decided that I loved the look of adding polka dotted initials. These will be great as treat bags for Easter or serve as a gift bag for an upcoming birthday party. I also like the look of using them as part of a place setting – maybe for a dinner party or wedding with a candy treat bar? So cute!

So, was the Brit Kit worth it? YES, it totally was!

It contained all the makings for three fun projects that I actually enjoyed doing (and eating) AND there were plenty of leftovers, so I can recreate the projects whenever I’d like. The monthly kit subscription is $19.99, which is less expensive than many other subscription boxes. Each month’s kit is totally different and a surprise — December had everything you need to make a glitter mousepad and gift wrap, January had makings for a cross-stitch Valentine’s Day card AND a necklace and bracelet, and the March kit has everything you need to create your own pashmina scarf.

Have you tried out a subscription box service that you loved (or hated)? Tell me about it in the comments!


Disclosure: I was provided a Brit Kit to review for free; however all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own. In fact, I loved the kit so much I signed up for their monthly service and will be paying for it with my own hard-earned money.

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6 thoughts on “The Brit Kit: Having a Polka Dot Party (with myself)”

  1. oh god yes, we did that the other day – one art project down (a chandelier from a vintage 90s magazine car ad, bizarrely, cut out and decoupaged on a small canvas board we slathered in gilt paint) and suddenly roaming the house like a crazy chick looking for things to gilt paint 😉

    love your cute blog.

    we shall return.


    _tg x

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