The End of Daddy Wednesday

Today marks the end of an era.
Well, kind of an era.
An era I’m calling “Daddy Wednesday”
It’s like HUMP DAYZ, but with more snuggling.

For the past 2 years and 4 months, Wednesday has been Travis and Jack’s special day.

Sometimes they just lazed around the house in their pajama tops and no pants. Sometimes they took trips to Tractor Supply to sit on the tractors. Most of the time, they dressed alike. For a while they had a morning tumbling class where they’d run around on cheese mats.

And yes, it’s just as adorable at it sounds.

When we first planned to have a child, we were hoping that I’d be able to stay home one day each week. Not only would it help with childcare costs, it would be a great opportunity for me to spend more time with our little guy. Well, I ended up losing my job (while pregnant) and when I started my new position (luckily, while still pregnant) I couldn’t exactly ask for a 4-day schedule.

Travis had a different schedule though and was able to take off Wednesdays (without pay) to be home with Jack. I can’t believe it was for almost 2 ½ years. The time has gone by so quickly, which makes me even happier that they were able to spend it together.

And yes, I admit that I sometimes got jealous of their special day. But mostly I was proud and thankful. The fact that Travis was able to spend that time with Jack is priceless. Instead of seeing his son for an hour or so at the end of a long workday, he was able to really bond with him. He quickly got used to EVERYTHING about child care because I wasn’t there as a back-up. Priceless. Truly priceless.

And today it ends.
Today is the last Daddy Wednesday.

We had been thinking about adding a day to Jack’s daycare for a couple months now. He’s been going one day a week and it’s amazing how much he’s learned. The kid breaks out in counting and can get from 1 to 12… skipping over 4 and 11, because apparently they suck. We started feeling like if he were able to attend ‘school’ two days each week, he would benefit even more.

With that in mind, Travis just started a new job this week. Instead of working 4 weekdays and every other Saturday, he will now have a ‘normal’ workweek of Monday through Friday. It’s a great opportunity for him because there is room for him to learn and grow at his new company. Also, after 5+ years of him working every other weekend, it will be awesome to have weekends together as a family.

So even though this is a good change, it’s still sad to see Daddy Wednesday’s coming to an end. We were incredibly lucky to have had over two years of father-son bonding goodness though, so I can’t be too sad.

And I’m sure they will still be dressing alike.


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7 thoughts on “The End of Daddy Wednesday”

  1. Very cute! I checked out the picture of your big guy and your little guy dressed alike and they win the cute award of the day! 🙂

  2. This brought a tear to my eye. I am so thrilled for you that Travis and Jack got to have that special “Dad-and-his-boy” time, and I can totally see why you’d be sad to see it end. However, think your reasoning is sound: Jack is at an age where preschool-type activities will be of huge benefit to him– he’s a smart little sponge!!! Even so, I am totally wistful-in-sympathy over the end of the “Daddy Wednesday” era being over. Just know that you are doing a wonderful thing for your son, and congrats to Travis on his new job!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle — it is definitely a bittersweet thing. Having Daddy Wednesdays was wonderful and I think that this change will be a good change once we get used to it.

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