The Hard Cider 5k

I love a good 5k. It’s so nice to get outside in the beautiful weather and get in a workout without really feeling like it. Add in some alcoholic hard cider… and it’s even better! The Hard Cider 5k was held at the Hauser Estate Winery, home of Jack’s Hard Cider, about 15 minutes outside of Gettysburg, PA.

I talked my friend Annie into doing the 5k with me… with promises of hard cider. She’s not a runner, so we decided to walk the 3.1 miles. It seemed like almost half of the participants were of the same mindset, as there were a ton of walkers at this one!

We got to the location early so that we could do our packet pick up and decided that 9:00 am seemed like a good time to do a tasting.

In our defense, we started with a special seasonal release of Jack’s Hard Cider “Breakfast”… It was sooooo good and a great start to the day! We also tasted a bunch of other ciders and got a little buzz on before lining up for the 5k.

The weather was PERFECT and we had a great time walking and chatting. There was a killer hill at the beginning, but once we got past that, it was pretty manageable through the fields. I’m not a big trail runner, so I’m happy that I was walking it rather than trying to run the race.

At the end of the 5k, we got our super awesome medals — it’s a bottle opener! — and lined up for our free can of Jack’s Hard Cider. There was also a food truck festival at the finish line, so we got ourselves some yummies and decided what ciders we wanted to bring home with us!

I ended up buying this adorable Jack’s Hard Cider glass, a 6 pack of their “Helen’s” and a 6 pack of “Fireside”. I would have brought “Breakfast” too, but they only had that in a growler… which seemed like way too much to go through in a few days. We loved the event and have already decided to come back again next year!

Have you ever done a Hard Cider Run?

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4 thoughts on “The Hard Cider 5k”

  1. I have not done a Cider Run but I am obsessed with Jack’s Hard Cider. Helen’s Blend is my current favorite! I was at Charm City Bluegrass Festival on Saturday where Jack’s was a sponsor – and we were talking about the Cider Run. Small world 🙂

    We’ll be going there in June for the PA Cider Festival and I cannot wait!!!

    I do want to start walking 5Ks. Just need to get a handle on some medical stuff first. Then, I’m on it! This will be a great one to do.

    1. I LOVE the ‘breakfast’ and really want some more of it! I’m considering doing the PA Cider Festival too, so if you see me there say hi!

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