My Allergies are Trying to Kill Me

Every year right around my ‘dating anniversary’ with Travis, my allergies hit me like a ton of bricks. Usually a couple days after April 20th I suddenly feel awful… and this year is no exception. Due to the cold weather, it kicked in a week later than normal, but OHMYGOD why is the air trying to kill me?!

It started on Monday afternoon with all the sneezing in the world.

Then, Monday night I probably slept a total of 3 hours all night because of the sniffling, sneezing and general nose leaking.

On Tuesday, I could barely function. I went to work in a haze and left early to go back to bed. I went from having freezing cold feet and hands to boiling over. I spent the afternoon with a fever and then blew my nose and sweated until my alarm went off the next morning.

At least my fever broke!

Wednesday, I went wedding dress shopping with my sister and mom… so on top of my daily Zyrtec I added some Sudafed and a bunch of Halls cough drops. And I used my inhaler like 10 times and still couldn’t breathe. When I got home that afternoon I used the nebulizer and laid on the couch like a blob.

Which brings us to today. I still can’t take a full breath… but at least my nose has stopped leaking.


I know that this will only last a couple more days, but UGH it’s so awful.

I’ve tried Zyrtec. I’ve tried Claritin. I’ve added on Sudafed. I’ve tried Flonase. I’ve tried the Neti Pot. I’ve tried staying indoors and not letting the evil fresh air get me. So now I ask you… have you tried anything that works??

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4 thoughts on “My Allergies are Trying to Kill Me”

  1. I have tried all of those and what works for me this year is Allegra(Fexofenadine). Still need an occasional Sudafed for bad days, but it has relieve the constant headache and stuffiness.

    1. I actually took Allergra for years (instead of Zyrtec) but it stopped working for me. I may try going back to it though to see if it works again!

      1. Every season I have to cycle through them to see what works for me. Zyrtec worked last year and this it’s Allegra. Best of luck!

  2. My daughter has bad allergies too. We have to turn on our AC to keep the pollen out if our house. It sucks because we want the fresh air, but it helps her a lot and it is just for a few weeks.
    Also, diffuse lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oils.

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