My Favs: Sunscreens

With the weather warming up and lots of beachy vacations on the horizon, let’s talk sunscreen!

While it seems silly to reiterate the importance of a good SPF, I can give you a few really good reasons why sunscreen is super important to my family:

  • I’ve had 6 moles removed from by body and 4 had moderate dysplasia cells which can lead to melanoma. {Pieces of Me}
  • My husband had basal cell carcinoma removed from his face in the fall.
  • I really don’t want Jack to go through having piece of HIM cut off
  • I spent a good chunk of money on a very colorful arm tattoo and I’d like it to stay pretty. {My Ink}
  • Wrinkles
  • I’m pale as hell and I like it.

With all that being said, we are pretty picky about sunscreen. When it comes to a daily coverage, we don’t like to feel greasy and shiny. When it comes to beach coverage, being able to reapply as a spray is really helpful.

So, here are our 2 favorites:

Daily Winner: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 55


This one comes highly recommended from our dermatologist and she regularly throws handfuls of samples at us when we visit her office. The lotion goes on evenly and soaks right in for a lightweight, clean feel. Travis keeps the mini tubes in his lunchbox so he can apply every single day (and wears a baseball hat too). I also keep a little tube in my purse, so I can throw a coat on my arm (and everywhere else) when I’ll be in the sun. While this sunscreen can be a little pricey, I love that they usually carry a multi-pack at Costco for just $14.

Find it here on
Find it here on
Find it here on

Beach Winner: Coppertone Sport Spray, SPF 50


When we go to the beach, I like to double-up on the sunscreen. I start off by buttering everyone up with the Coppertone Sport lotion while still at the house and then follow up with spray touch-ups throughout the day while we are on the sandy beach. Once again, having a Costco membership is really helpful because they always offer a 3 pack (2 sprays and 1 lotion) for about $17. Each year, I’ll throw out our old stuff and buy a new pack at the beginning of the season.

Find it here on (on sale right now for $13)
Find it here on
Find it here on

Do you have a favorite sunscreen that you’d like to share?


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One thought on “My Favs: Sunscreens”

  1. I’m a Neutrogena girl at the beach/pool/extended periods in the sun. For every day, I’m trying Cetaphil, but I’m not sure I love it. YAY SPF!!

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