Using Stitch People to Make My Little Stitch Family

When my spring semester of my master’s program ended a few weeks ago, I was getting the major urge to do something crafty. I remembered that I had an embroidery book from a couple years ago and always meant to make a family portrait, so I figured it was a great time to finally do it!

{You can read my initial review of Stitch People here from when I did a portrait of Ollie.}

I went through the book and picked the perfect faces, hair, bodies and outfits for each of us… then I drew up a little sketch to work off of:

I started with Travis and decided to try to replicate an exact outfit that he wears:

Special details for Travis: his green eyes, plaid shirt and black rimmed glasses.

Then, I moved onto little Joules:

Special details for me: my big skirt with pockets, reddish hair, and arm tattoo!

From there I added Jack:

Special details for Jack: pretty green eyes, favorite Flash shirt and messy hair.

To finish, I added Ollie and our family name:

I cut it to the size of a little photo frame, taped the edges to the mat and finished it off:

I added it to our gallery wall in our living room and every time I look at it I giggle a little. I mean LOOK at the adorable mini Travis?!

I think if you have any crafting experience at all, this shouldn’t be too hard for you to do. I’ve cross-stitched a bunch before, so it was in my wheelhouse. It is quite time consuming though. I think the mini Travis and mini Joules took about 2 hours each? Then another 90 minutes for mini Jack and maybe 45 minutes for Ollie?

I’m thinking about doing a little personalized bride and groom with the wedding dates embroidered on them for my sister’s wedding and also for my brother’s wedding. So, this was good practice. ADORABLE good practice!


Disclosure: I received Stitch People for free for review purposes 2 years ago…

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