The Taylor Swift Eras Tour for Mother’s Day

This year’s Mother’s Day was a little extra exciting… I spent it with my favorite moms at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Philadelphia!

Me, my mom, my sisters (Katie and Kelsey) and my bonus sister (Jaclyn) packed up our bags and drove to Philly for the night and it was AMAZING.

There were goosebumps. And tears. And dancing. And singing. And screaming at the top of our lungs.

The show was incredible – Taylor performed for 3 and a half hours straight and looked like a goddess the entire time. And I basically lost my mind when she sang the 10-minute version of All To Well live.

We dressed like the Eras, of course.

We’re representing Red, Lover, and Midnights!

OH and the PEOPLE at the show were amazing too. If you’re planning to go to the tour – be sure to make/bring friendship bracelets. We didn’t have time to bring any ourselves, but Kelsey and I received some adorable bracelets from a girl in line for the bathroom ahead of us.

All in all, a super fabulous Mother’s Day. Even if we did leave all the kids at home!*

*Except the one still cooking in my sister’s belly!

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One thought on “The Taylor Swift Eras Tour for Mother’s Day”

  1. I’m sure you will be singing around the house for the next two weeks. That looks like a good one!!!!

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