The Walking Conundrum

walk with chair
Apparently shoving chairs around the kitchen is MUCH MORE FUN that using his actual walking toy.

I think we have a problem.
It seems as if my kid might be as stubborn as I am.

Jack is 16 months old and STILL doesn’t walk. He creeps like a champ holding onto furniture, walls, people, and walking toys. But darn if he won’t just LET GO and walk on his own.

I’m pretty sure he’s doing it to spite me.

I think he CAN walk, but just chooses not to. That’s right, he probably breaks into funky dances the moment that I’m looking away, but as long as anyone is staring right at him he pretends that crawling is where it’s at.

Maybe he overheard me smugly saying what a “laid back mommy” I’ve been so far and decided to mess with my head.* You know, just to make sure everyone knows that he’s the boss.

Hey kid, these boots are made for WALKING. (Actually, I took this picture so I could send it to my brother and husband with the caption, “Pulling. It. Off.”)

So it seems that not only has my son trained me to hand over a bit of whatever food I’m eating when he yells “MORE,” but he’s also making me carry around his 25 pounds of butterball-ness because he thinks it’s funny.


He’s not only as stubborn as me, but he has my sense of humor too.

I’m screwed.

*Yes, I know he was a preemie and I’m supposed to count back two months when comparing him to other kids. And yes, I know that you’re not supposed to even compare kids anyways because they’re all different. But COME ON… you’d be worrying too, right?!

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12 thoughts on “The Walking Conundrum”

  1. I worry about EVERYTHING and I don’t even have a kid. I won’t tell you you’re crazy for worrying, because you’re a mom, you’re supposed to worry. Comes with the territory. However. I can’t imagine there being anything wrong with Jack, other than his being stubborn and keeping his break dancing skills all to himself. Try bribing him to walk with a marshmallow…

  2. I would be worried. You’re a mom, that’s what we do! With that being said, you’re a GOOD mom to be worried! He sounds stubborn to me! And I bet he will skip walking altogether and go straight to running. All your worry will lapse into fear and exhaustion once he decides to take off!

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