TMI is probably an understatement

Have you ever walked up to someone and just verbally exploded all over them? You know, when you’re not really paying attention to how much you’re actually talking and the moment you walk away you get that flush of shame realizing that the conversation was definitely 95% you and 5% them?

Yeah, that totally just happened to me. I know my obsession with this house selling/buying process is pretty bad. I mean, I talk about it with my husband, my friends, my parents, on my blog, etc. on a pretty regular basis. I actually would love to NOT think about it for a while because it’s totally stressing me out.

However, without my brain’s consent, my mouth detonated a verbal ninja which jumped out and beat the crap out of an acquaintance. Within the space of about 10 minutes, I had told him about my experiences trying to sell our townhouse, what we’re looking for in a new house, the prices of houses in the area’s we’re looking, how much cheaper the taxes are in different counties, what the neighborhood was like at my favorite house (so far), and how I already decorated the house in my head and have made friends with the neighbors. Oh yeah, and I might have said something about how in my head my imaginary child is best friends with the neighbors kids.

Oh my god. Mortified doesn’t cover it!

Okay, I know I’m full of crazy but I typically don’t let that crazy out on unsuspecting people! I’m pretty sure that this super nice guy didn’t give a crap about my rambling conversation, but he was kind enough to smile and nod. He didn’t even turn around and run for the hills the second I shut my mouth, so he deserves an award for that.

Why do we do this? And come on, I know it’s not just me…right?

I guess my point is that even though we may ‘know better’ about something, everyone makes mistakes. Of course, I like to laugh at my mistakes and share them with strangers so they can laugh at me to. So, there’s that.

Anyways, if you have a story about when you trapped someone with your verbal diarrhea please share!

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