Today is the Second to Last Time I Ever Complain about Midterms

You guys, it’s midterms week.

Yup. This week both of my Master’s classes have assigned me pages and pages of essays to write. While working. While wife-ing. While mom-ing.

Weeks like this are when I wonder WHY I ever thought it would be a good idea to earn my Master’s degree. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I don’t have the TIME for this. I don’t have the BRAIN for this.

But I’ll make it work.

I always do.

And after this week’s midterms I only have ONE LAST midterms week before I graduate.

I mean, I’ll still complain about finals week though. Two more times.

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One thought on “Today is the Second to Last Time I Ever Complain about Midterms”

  1. You can do it! I’m super impressed that you’ve added your masters program on top of everything and are kicking tail everywhere. You are going to knock these midterms out of the park!

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