Trying the Mystery Peeps

I love marshmallows.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you totally know this due to my Marshmallow Tasting Party, The Story of the Missing Marshmallows, Big Mistake and many, many more mentions of the sugary goodness.

This year I heard that Peeps came out with three mystery flavors to try and KNEW that I had to have a little taste testing session at home. They only carry them at Walmart, so I made a special trip to buy some.

Mystery peeps - Pocketful of Joules

I roped Travis and Jack into my fun so that I could see how our answers compared to each other. But I can just give you a spoiler and say… they weren’t good. I mean, I certainly won’t be going out and buying any more.

We let Jack pick the tasting order, so the three of us first tried Flavor #3 of 3. We also let Jack go first with his thoughts, so that he didn’t just repeat what one of us said.

Our thoughts on #3 of 3:
Jack: White marshmallow
Travis: Maraschino cherry
Me: Sour cherry

Jack went a little literal with his guess, but he ate the whole thing… so he must of liked it. Travis and I both thought it tasted like cherry, but I thought it also had a bit of a sour tang on it.

Our thoughts on #2 of 3:
Jack: Chocolate
Travis: Peanut butter. But it smells like stinky armpits.
Me: It tastes exactly like a buttered popcorn jelly belly bean.

We were totally split on this one, but I’m sticking with my answer of buttered popcorn. I’m not sure where Travis is getting the ‘stinky armpits’ smell from – because it is so obviously a buttered popcorn jelly belly smell to me – but he was pretty adamant about it. I’m wondering if this one would taste better toasted…

Our thoughts on #1 of 3:
Jack: Cherries. Or poop. {spit it out and wandered away to play}
Travis: Chocolate
Me: Hot Chocolate

Travis and I both agree that it is kind of chocolatey, but I think it’s pretty similar to the taste of a packet of powered hot chocolate when you stick your finger in and lick it off. Jack is in a phase where he thinks poop is the most hilarious word ever. So, there’s that.

I checked the Peeps website, Twitter and Facebook page and it doesn’t say when the mysteries will be revealed, but it seems like it will come out before Easter. I’m glad I tried them out, but honestly all three of them were pretty awful. Give me my normal flavored Peeps any day!

Did you try the Mystery Peeps? If so, what are your flavor guesses?

3/31/16 Update: Peeps announced the answers and they are: #1 of 3: Chocolate Milk, #2 of 3: Buttered Popcorn, #3 of 3: Sour Cherry!

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2 thoughts on “Trying the Mystery Peeps”

  1. Thank you for this. Mostly for saving me a trip to WalMart. I love regular Peeps, too, and I like the dark chocolate covered Peeps. OH! And my sister dipped some in white chocolate and then chunky sugar after that for my bridal shower. So basically, sugar covered in sugar, dipped in sugar, and rolled in sugar. AMAZING. So good.

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