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I first heard about Prime Wardrobe (then called Amazon Wardrobe) back in 2017 when they announced the beta testing phase of the program. I hadn’t bothered to use it though, because typically if I’m ordering a clothing item from Amazon it’s something pretty straightforward like a pair of exercise leggings. However, a couple weeks ago people on a Facebook Group I’m a part of were raving about these stretchy jeans with a comfortable no-button waist… so my fingers did some walking over to Amazon to check them out.

Unlike exercise leggings, I wasn’t quite sure what size to order. I don’t own any jeans by that brand and apparently the fit may also vary by color. Instead of ordering a few pairs and then returning them for a refund, I decided to give Prime Wardrobe a try.

I chose two different sizes in two different colors, for a total of four pairs of jeans (these are the jeans I ordered). Rather than hitting Add to Cart, I clicked on Try Before You Buy. This put the four pairs of jeans into my Wardrobe account and I was allowed to add additional items if I wanted for a total of 8 Prime Wardrobe items. As it was, I was only interested in the jeans so I placed the order and waited a few days for my package to arrive.

Once my package arrived, in addition to instructions in the bag I also received an email from Prime Wardrobe letting me know that I had a 7-day try-on period. I tried on the jeans, narrowed it down to my 2 favorite pairs, waited a couple days and then tried them on again.

I made my final decision and then clicked the link Amazon sent me to complete my order. It was super easy; I just checked the boxes of the items I wanted to keep vs return and then picked how I’d like to do my return. I already had to return another package to Kohls, so I chose that option and Amazon sent me a code to scan once I get there. I was only charged for the pair of jeans that I kept and it was so incredibly easy.

So, if you’ve been wondering about Prime Wardrobe, I did find it to be super easy to use. In my situation, it was convenient to try on a couple sizes before paying for the one I wanted to keep!

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2 thoughts on “Trying Out Amazon Prime Wardrobe”

  1. Haha! I did the same thing with the exact same pair of jeans last winter! How do you like them? I personally thought they were super comfortable, although with the pandemic I haven’t worn them as much. I would definitly use Prime Wardrobe again though!

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