Turning a Robe into a Keepsake

If you’ve been following along with my blog or Instagram account at all over the past couple years, you may know that Jack is pretty much obsessed with his robe. It was a Christmas present in 2018 and Jack took to the robe like a little Hugh Hefner.

This was from about a year ago and I can’t delete it off my phone because it’s so dang cute!

All winter, spring, summer, and fall, if Jack was at home… it was pretty likely that he was wearing his robe. Sometimes over clothes. Most of the time with just a pair of little boxer briefs. On nights that it was a bit too warm, he’d put the robe next to him in bed so that he could enjoy the fuzzy fleece without melting.

I was pleasantly surprised that after almost 2 years of daily wear, the robe was still super soft and never pilled up at all. However, Jack grew like a weed… so the robe that once went down to his knees suddenly only covered his butt.

I ordered him a new robe and luckily was able to order the exact same one that he had (yay Amazon!). However, like anyone who has a kid with a ‘lovie’ may know… just because we replaced his favorite robe didn’t mean we could donate the old one.

Which brings us to the easiest project ever: turning the robe into a pillow!

All I did was chop off the arms and the belt, cut the robe fabric into two big squares and sew it into a big square. I threw the extra fleece bits inside the pillow and topped it off with the insides of a pillow that was in our donate pile. That was it. It probably took me 5 minutes and Jack was THRILLED with his new repurposed robe.

Now, it lives on his desk chair so that he can enjoy his fluffy robe in a virtual school appropriate kinda way!

Oh and if you are looking for a fantastic kid’s robe, I do highly recommend this one!

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