Ugly Green Bathroom Update: Less Ugly AND Less Green!

On the last episode of “My Ugly Green Bathroom” we left off knowing that my dad was coming over to help me kick some bathroom butt. And kick butt we did – we accomplished even more than I hoped for!

Here’s what we got done:

  • Finish removing the metal track that remains from shower doors. DONE
  • Remove the old shower curtain rod. DONE
  • Remove the green toilet and replace it with our new one. DONE
  • Remove the green sink and replace it with our-new one. DONE
  • Replace the current shower head with a handheld version. DONE
  • Remove the medicine cabinet/light and install a new fixture. DONE
  • Install new trim to fit around new vanity. DONE
  • Remove all remaining wallpaper  and spackle. DONE

It took a full day of work (once we add in the trip to Home Depot and the required yummy lunch to thank my dad for his help) but we got ‘er done and I’m so thrilled with the progress.

Oh, if you want to get a full idea of where this bathroom started out, check out my first post on the original Ugly Green Bathroom complete with plaid wallpaper!

Here are some in-progress shots from this weekend:

My handsome husband, starting to remove the glass door rail from the tub.
Oopsie, once we finally scraped off all the caulk holding the rail down to the tub we found out it was actually a WHITE tub painted green. Since we can’t scrape ALL the paint off, I’ll be repainting this ledge with a (hopefully) matching dark green Rustolium paint.
This is me — scraping off the two layers of 80’s wallpaper still stuck to the wall behind the old toilet. I don’t know why it looks like I’m displaying my engagement ring/wedding band. I’m just fancy like that.
This is my dad’s arm — after the sink and toilet have been ripped out and all the walllpaper was removed.
Oh look, more wallpaper! This is where the medicine cabinet/light used to be on the wall.
Here’s how the bathroom looked when we went for our late lunch/dinner break. Pretty, right?

Okay, now are you ready for some “after” shots? Well, not really AFTER since we’re not done yet. More like a little further of the in-progress shots:

Here’s how the tub looks with the shower door down (and filled with trash and baby bath stuff, because that’s how we roll).
Here’s the new vanity and toilet. SUCH an improvement, right?!

There is obviously still work to be done to finish the job, but it’s all quite manageable. My biggest challenge will be finding the time to paint the room, since someone else will need to watch Jack for the day. I’m also thinking of painting both the bathroom and master bedroom at the same time so I can just get messy and do it all at once. I may wait until Thanksgiving week since I took off work but will still put Jack in daycare for at least one of those days.

My updated task list of what’s left:

  • Spray paint shower curtain rod, toilet paper holder and towel rack (oil rubbed bronze, of course) and re-install.
  • Paint edge of tub with ugly dark green color (*groan*).
  • Remove and replace broken hooks on the back of the door.
  • Hunt down a larger mirror and hang it over the sink.
  • Sand down walls.
  • Paint trim and inside of door – glossy white.
  • Paint ceiling – eggshell white.
  • Paint walls – probably something from the light smoky blue color family.
  • Buy and put up new artwork.
  • Put up new shower curtain.
  • Purchase any additional décor needed to finish the room (or steal from rest of house/stash) – bath rug, trashcan, shower dispenser, hand soap, etc.

I’m still hoping to have the entire project completed by Thanksgiving and will post one more update once it’s all pretty. I’ll also provide a full cost breakdown for the whole project (shhhh don’t tell my husband…).

There you go: what I did this weekend. Did you do anything fun like rip a stinky toilet out of your house? Or did you do what I really wanted to do on my anniversary weekend — curl up with your honey, a movie and a yummy bottle of wine?

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4 thoughts on “Ugly Green Bathroom Update: Less Ugly AND Less Green!”

  1. So if the tub is just painted ANYWAY, why don’t you get some less ugly rustoleum paint and make it white again? I don’t know how these things work, perhaps that wouldn’t work given the impossibly dark green. But, you know. I’m thinking.

    1. Unfortunately the Rustolium paint would most likely not hold up if it were in the main part of the tub. It can get wet, it’s just not going to be watertight — so it would start bubbling up and chipping. Since it’s just on the lip of the tub, it hopefully won’t get too wet and be easy to dry off. You can redo a tub with epoxy paint, that’s just more of a project then I want to deal with!

    1. Yes, that’s the epoxy. When doing research it seems that it will look great when you first do it but then start chipping around the drain. Once the chipping starts it’s all downhill from there. It may have to do with how faithfully you follow the instructions though.

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