Weird Memories that Live in my Head

Whenever I smell a skunk’s spray, I think of an episode of Baggage where a contestant said that she really loves the smell of skunk spray and if she sees a skunk while driving, she will ‘nudge’ it with her car so that it sprays it.

Let me repeat.

She will RUN HER CAR into a skunk to get it to spray her car. For funsies. Because she likes the smell of skunk spray.

And I learned this on an episode of Baggage, a stupid game show hosted by Jerry Springer about 10 years ago.

Why does this information live in my brain?

Who knows.

All I know is that it won’t leave. So as soon as I smell skunk, I think of that lady on Baggage.

Another random memory that I can’t get out of my head… this:

This episode aired on November 23, 2000 – almost 19 years ago – and I think about Joey’s moo point more often than any normal person should. Sure, I know it’s a moot point. But come on… a cow’s opinion doesn’t matter, so it’s… moo. SO. MUCH. SENSE.

Now it’s your turn. What random bit of knowledge(?) has just stuck in your head? Please, please, please share in the comments because I can’t wait to read these!

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One thought on “Weird Memories that Live in my Head”

  1. Sometimes I think of a funny I Love Lucy episode where she is baking, and overdid it. A big, log like, loaf of bread comes moving out of the oven, toward Lucy, pinning her into the wall. I don’t know why, but that big log coming out of the oven, always makes me laugh.

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