Work Style: September 2019

September is always kind of a weird style month for me. I mean, I’m full-on ready for some fall style…but it’s still in the 90’s! So instead of rolling out all the sweaters and booties I do a one-two-punch of style:

1: I put all the items that will soon be too summary to wear in the front of my closet so I can get one last wear out of them before packing them away until next spring/summer.

2: I try really hard not to buy anything new. Instead, I shop my own closet and try to pair things differently. This is extra hard, because by September I’m super sick of my summery clothes… but I know that just around the bend is fall weather!

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Let’s take a look at September:

Week One

My Casual Friday was my favorite look of the week – we had one day that felt kind of fall-ish, so I was able to bring out the booties that I’ve been obsessed with (but haven’t been able to wear yet). I paired them with a simple striped tanktop that I bought over the summer at the J.Crew outlets and a secondhand Madewell sweater I found on Poshmark. This outfit was exactly my fall style and I anticipate wearing it again and again once the weather drops to the 60’s – 70’s.

As for my other outfits this week, I was on the fence about the ombre dress in the bottom corner. I had thrifted it and then never really wanted to wear it, so I forced myself to try it once to see if it should be re-donated. It’s okay. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. For now, the dress has gone into my ‘look at these in the spring and decide if I should keep or donate’ bin. Yeah, I have a bin for that. Don’t you?

Week Two

My winning outfit of this week featured my DIY studded jean jacket. I love that darn jacket and I’m currently keeping it at work for those extra chilly days in the office when I need another layer. The pretty floral dress is a Leota dress from Poshmark and those sandals are my Eileen Fisher sandals from the Nordstrom sale. They are so incredibly comfortable and I’m sad to have just packed them away for next spring/summer.

While I don’t have any outfits from this week that I really disliked, I do have a funny story about those green sandals in the bottom left corner. My boss basically never notices or comments on my clothing (except once, he told me that I looked nice when we were walking into a meeting), but commented on my green shoes 3x the day I wore them. Basically, he was like “those are some green shoes” but it was clear that he for some reason hated them. Which made me cry laughing because he is the last person I would expect to give me style advice!

Week Three

Here’s an example of getting those summer clothes in – my pretty blue and white dress! I tried to make it a little less summer by pairing it with the bright blue sweater and cranberry colored shoes. This was the week that I went to that conference in Atlantic City, so for the rest of the week I just wore easy jersey dresses that wouldn’t wrinkle and would cover my tattoos.

Also, the ‘me looking up the nose’ picture makes me giggle every time I see it.

Week Four

I was doing a search on Poshmark for peplum tops (because I have one that I love to layer with a cardigan for both work and weekends) and I came across this soft Anthropologie blazer. I sat on the listing for a week or so and finally went ahead and made an offer. I don’t wear blazers to work often for my current job, but I thought this one might be just the thing to dress up a pair of jeans for Casual Friday or pair with a solid dress for a regular workday. I like it because it isn’t stiff or restrictive at all, the sleeves are easy to roll up, and it has that cute little peplum bottom. I had a seminar to attend on this particular Friday, so I paired it with a black t-shirt, jeans and red shoes for that event. Then, I whipped off the blazer at my car and switched the flats for sneakers to continue on my way to do some thrifting. I was basically day-to-night Barbie!

Every other outfit and wardrobe item from this week had been worn dozens of times by me…. All pretty tried and true closet staples. I did stick with some more autumn-like colors since October is quickly approaching. After this week, nothing hit the donation bin… so yay!

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