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Work Style: August 2019

4 Sep

My plan was to share this post last week, but then I got all in a tizzy about the Anthropologie Labor Day sale and pushed it to this week. As you all know, I find it helpful to take a look back at the month’s outfits to decide which ones are working and which ones need a little help.

This month we had some winners and we certainly had some losers…

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Let’s take a look at August:

Week One

It was easy to pick my favorite outfit of this week, because I’m totally obsessed with my new ModCloth x Dupenny Ikebana skirt (you can find it here). I don’t typically shop at ModCloth unless I’m looking for a swimsuit, but when I received a 40% off coupon in the mail I didn’t want to waste it. I paired the skirt with a simple black wrap top from Boden (secondhand, of course) and a pair of black Rothy’s points.

The ‘runner up’ outfit this week is definitely my Casual Friday outfit in the lower right corner – I love the whole combo of thrifted top, yellow beaded necklace and sassypants shoes!

Week Two

For week two we have a winner and a loser. The winner is the comfy, yet work appropriate outfit o’ neutrals there in the center box. I kept it simple with a black slub t-shirt, moss green thrifted sweater and jeans, since I was excited to wear my new Inverse Stripe points. I love the way all the muted colors play together and it was the perfect outfit for a rainy Friday at work.

The loser outfit is that navy blue dress in the bottom right box. It looks okay with the floral sweater, but that dress was pulling on my shoulders all day long. At the end of the day I totally felt like hulking out of it and ripping the thing off my body. As it was, I didn’t actually rip it… but I did throw it directly into my donation bag. The sweater is in ‘time out’ in a box where I stuck some of my I-don’t-love-you-but-I-don’t-want-to-get-rid-of-you-yet clothes. I’ll revisit that box in a few months and make some listing/donating decisions.

Week Three

Yeah, I totally should have put one of my WORK style photos in the center, but I kind of loved my running around town outfit that week. My friend handed me down some lovely black and mesh leggings from Athleta and they are so wonderfully soft that I could live in them. I paired them with a Lucky Brand Def Leppard shirt (also soft like the wings of fairies) and a lightweight Nike hoodie. Oh, can’t forget the slip-on sneakers – my first stop was the doctor’s office, so I basically wanted to be as naked as possible when stepping on the scale!

As for the losers this week, I have two. I decided about 2 hours into the day that I hated that blue and white top in the lower left corner. It’s a size too big and too flowy in the tummy area, so I felt like I looked about 5 months pregnant. NO THANK YOU. Also, the adorable Boden skirt in the top right block looks awfully cute in that photo (and has pockets!), but in person by the end of the day I felt like it was super unflattering on me. Something about the length along with it sticking out a bit in the front on my tummy. Sigh. Anyways. When I got home I stuck it right on my Poshmark closet, so hopefully someone else will buy it and love it.

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Work Style: July 2019

1 Aug

I enjoyed taking a look back at my June outfits last month, so I’m going to keep it up for my July work outfits too. As I mentioned previously, I share my daily look on Instagram, but I find it interesting to have a look at all my July outfits in one spot. This helps me decide which ones need to go or be hemmed/tailored.

{You can see my previous Work Style posts here}

Let’s revisit July!

Week One:

Just three outfits for the first week of July, since I had off two days to celebrate Independence Day! My favorite of the three outfits is the skirt/blouse/sweater look. I like the other two dresses too, but that skirt always makes me happy when I wear it and it has fabulous pockets that fit a whole cellphone!

Week Two:

The winning look for my second week of July was absolutely my Casual Friday outfit. This top is from my July Trunk Club box and the jeans are from an upcoming Mott + Bow review. I’m in LOVE with both of the pieces – they are comfortable and professional looking and they fit and feel GREAT. I topped the look off with a pair of red camouflage Rothy points and a long necklace and this one will be revisited time and time again.

As much as I like the dress in the top left photo, I have to admit it’s not actually very flattering. It’s got more of an Eileen Fisher oversized comfort kind of look. I’m not sure it’s bad enough to retire (aka re-donate) though. What do you all think?

Week Three:

This week is my favorite outfit week of the month! Once again, the Casual Friday outfit is the winner with those fabulous Mott + Bow jeans, red shoes and a fabulous open cardigan I picked up when I was in Hawaii.

I kind of love all the dresses from this week though and I have total ‘heart eyes’ for that orange shirt + thrifted pleated skirt combo! The landscape dress from the bottom right is one of my favorites, so I was pleasantly surprised how it looks when I changed out my typical cardigan with a new (to me) wrap sweater. I can’t wait to try the sweater with some other dresses/skirts in my closet!

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Work Style: June 2019

8 Jul

I started my new job at the beginning on June and one of the things that I was weirdly excited about was actually working outside of my house five days a week. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my work-from-home-in-my-pajamas days… but actually getting dressed up 5x a week is kind of fun.

For now. I mean, I’m sure I’ll be complaining about it in a few months. Actually, I’m hoping to go back to one telework day a week in the Fall, so it may be the perfect compromise.

Anywhoo, all these work days mean LOTS of work outfits! I share my daily look in Instagram, but I thought it would be fun to have a looksee at all my June outfits in one spot. It also helps me decide which ones need to go… or at least need to be hemmed/tailored/etc.

Week One:

Here is my first week of looks and I stuck my favorite in the center there. I thrifted that vintage pleated skirt last month and I LOVE how it looks with my faux wrap top and wedges. I plan to revisit lots of variations of this look. My least favorite look is the dress and cardigan on the lower left side. The combo of the high neck and low hem makes it look a little frumpy – so I’m thinking I’ll hem this one to knee-length and see if that improves it.

This was my first jeans Friday in YEARS and I like the mixed patterns of the floral sweater and leopard print loafers. I don’t really have many professional looking jeans Friday looks, so we will be talking about this again soon in another post!

Week Two:

Once again, my favorite look is in the center – the painterly skirt with a navy blouse and bright cardigan. This look was professional but fun, and even had pockets! Funny enough, my least favorite outfit this week was my jeans Friday look. I love that orange sweater, but the sleeves were all bagged out from pushing them up all day. I’m going to try and shrink it just a smidge in the washer/dryer so that it’s not quite so floppy.

Week Three:

I love that dark floral dress in the center photo (thrifted) and topped it with a simple (also thrifted) black cardigan. It’s just comfy and classic and looks totally work appropriate while feeling like pajamas. My least favorite outfit from this week is the black/white/red combo from the top right corner. It looks cute in the photo, but the silky sleeves of the tab-sleeved shirt kept falling down all day driving me nutty. I’m going to try to pin them discreetly next time I wear the blouse to see if that helps at all.

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My Style: Spring Favorites

23 May

I have a massive Hawaii post in the works, but for today I’m sharing my favorite spring looks! I started doing this on a quarterly basis, and you can find my previous posts here: My Style: Winter Favorites, My Style: Fall Favorites , My Style: Summer Favorites.

For my Spring Favorites, I went through all my posted outfits from March, April and May and picked my 3 favorite looks.

Spots + Stripes + a POP of Red

I wore this outfit for a casual meeting and I loved it so much I’ve re-worn it a few more times this spring. I picked up the spotted and striped top at a thrift store and I love those sparkly polka dots! The jeans are my new favorites from my last Trunk Club trunk (find it here) they are perfect for spring because they are a bit lighter wash AND a bit lighter in fabric density as well. The shoes are my red tiger Rothy’s sneakers, which I’ve been pretty much wearing nonstop on non-work days. All together I love this outfit because it is comfy, but still looks put together and fun!

My Interview Dress

I had two interviews for a new job (spoiler alert: I GOT IT) and right before the second interview I kind of freaked out and hated everything in my closet. I found this amazing Leota faux wrap dress on a last minute stop at Nordstrom Rack and it was absolutely perfect. For my interview, I paired it with a black fitted blazer and black pointy toed Rothy’s.

My Hawaii Traveling Dress

Last year, I shared an Anthropologie Dressing room post (find it here) and fell in love with this fabulous dress. Unfortunately, they only had a small in the store and no other ones in stock… so I mostly gave up hope. But THEN, a couple months ago I found it on Poshmark for a fraction of the original cost in my size with the tags still on it!

It was the perfect traveling dress for our long plane ride to Hawaii. I topped it with a black cardigan when I was chilly and then took it off as soon as we landed. I didn’t even change out if it when we did our first exploring trek to Shipwreck Beach, which is where my husband snapped this pretty photo. I plan to get lots more wear out of this dress over the summer!

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