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My Style: Spring Favorites

23 May

I have a massive Hawaii post in the works, but for today I’m sharing my favorite spring looks! I started doing this on a quarterly basis, and you can find my previous posts here: My Style: Winter Favorites, My Style: Fall Favorites , My Style: Summer Favorites.

For my Spring Favorites, I went through all my posted outfits from March, April and May and picked my 3 favorite looks.

Spots + Stripes + a POP of Red

I wore this outfit for a casual meeting and I loved it so much I’ve re-worn it a few more times this spring. I picked up the spotted and striped top at a thrift store and I love those sparkly polka dots! The jeans are my new favorites from my last Trunk Club trunk (find it here) they are perfect for spring because they are a bit lighter wash AND a bit lighter in fabric density as well. The shoes are my red tiger Rothy’s sneakers, which I’ve been pretty much wearing nonstop on non-work days. All together I love this outfit because it is comfy, but still looks put together and fun!

My Interview Dress

I had two interviews for a new job (spoiler alert: I GOT IT) and right before the second interview I kind of freaked out and hated everything in my closet. I found this amazing Leota faux wrap dress on a last minute stop at Nordstrom Rack and it was absolutely perfect. For my interview, I paired it with a black fitted blazer and black pointy toed Rothy’s.

My Hawaii Traveling Dress

Last year, I shared an Anthropologie Dressing room post (find it here) and fell in love with this fabulous dress. Unfortunately, they only had a small in the store and no other ones in stock… so I mostly gave up hope. But THEN, a couple months ago I found it on Poshmark for a fraction of the original cost in my size with the tags still on it!

It was the perfect traveling dress for our long plane ride to Hawaii. I topped it with a black cardigan when I was chilly and then took it off as soon as we landed. I didn’t even change out if it when we did our first exploring trek to Shipwreck Beach, which is where my husband snapped this pretty photo. I plan to get lots more wear out of this dress over the summer!

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My Style: Winter Favorites

28 Feb

I put a note on my calendar to revisit the My Style series with a Winter Favorites post at the end of February. But it still kind of feels like we are in the middle of the winter, right? Is spring really coming?? I googled it (as I do) and the first day of Spring is Wednesday, March 20th… so perhaps the end of this cold/snow/ice is in sight?

Anywho, you can check out my last two posts here:

My Style: Fall Favorites

My Style: Summer Favorites

And now for my Winter Favorites… I went through all my posted outfits from December, January and February and picked my 3 favorite looks.

Outfit #1: Give me Sparkles and Lace… but for the Office

I wore this outfit on one of the last days in the office before the holiday break, so I let myself go a little ‘extra’ with it. I found this fun lace skirt at TJ Maxx a couple years ago and it had some really stiff and itchy crinoline as a slip. I ripped that sucker out and now the skirt is so much more comfortable! The sweater was livened up with some fun brooches I found at an antiques shop and I added my mulberry Rothy’s with gold embroidered points because… why not?! I loved this outfit and totally felt in the Christmas spirit at the office!

Outfit #2: Valentine’s Sweetheart… but for the Office

Here’s another holiday look…this time for Valentine’s Day. Apparently I only put in extra effort for holidays? I found this dress on Poshmark in the fall and was excited to wear it on my sister’s wedding cruise. It was an Anthropologie brand – HD in Paris – but from what I can tell, it’s no longer around. If you search “Anthropologie corduroy dress” on Poshmark, I have seen this dress and other colors/patterns come up. The colors are so pretty and vibrant in person and I love this look with my red pointy flats!

Outfit #4: Will Exercise if there are Cute Clothes Involved

Sometimes I have to motivate myself to go to the gym with cute gym clothes. I love these leggings from a previous Trunk Club trunk, even though Travis calls them my zebra legs. I recently ordered a cute tank top from a skincare company called No BS (review coming after I try the products out for a few months) and they sent me this one by accident instead of the one I ordered. It says “Filter Free” and they said I should keep it… which works out great because I love it as a gym top.

So now that I’ve posted my Winter Favs, it’s time for Spring… right?!

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My Style: Fall Favorites

19 Nov

With the weather suddenly turning cold, it looks like it’s time for my fall favorites post. I resurrected the My Style posts in August when I did My Style: Summer Favorites and have decided to do them on a seasonal basis.

Much like my summer post, I went through all my posted outfits from September, October and November and picked my 4 favorite fall looks!

Outfit #1: Minnie Mouse Chic

How cute is this Girls from Savoy corduroy halter dress?! It’s an Anthropologie brand (now discontinued) and I love its retro look. The dress is a super soft corduroy and the halter strap is buttoned in, so you can detach it for a strapless look. There is even a built in petticoat! I found it secondhand for $39 and wore it to Disneyland for my Netflix DVD trip as a Minnie-inspired look. I did a quick search on Poshmark for Girls from Savoy dresses and this one popped up in a variety of colors – so if you like it, the chances are high that you can find one pre-loved. After falling in love with my red version, I found it in another colorway for just $28.  I’m packing that one for my upcoming cruise, so you’ll be seeing it soon!

For shoes I knew I’d be walking a ton through Disneyland, so I went with my leopard spotted Rothy’s loafers. They are super comfortable and I thought the spotted look went well with my spotted Minnie ears! These are currently my only pair of loafers, but I’ve been debating on whether I need a solid red version… (If you want to read ALL my thoughts on Rothy’s and whether I think they are worth the price tag, you can find my post here.)

Outfit #2: Fall hippie chic

This maxi dress got mixed reviews when I shared it in my Trunk Club post but I love the way it fits and the swish-swish-swish of the skirt as I walk. It’s the Maggy London Smock Shoulder Midi Dress, and it is currently on sale for 40% off at Nordstrom. I topped it with a black cardigan for work – I thrifted this one ages ago and wear it all the time. Since the dress pattern has so much going on, I kept the look simple with my dark green pointed Rothy’s flats.

Outfit #3: Pattern-mixing chic

I did a bit of subtle pattern mixing with this outfit – the beaded sweater, brushstroke skirt and sparkly chevron flats could have clashed horribly, but I feel like it worked! I found this beaded Nice Things by Paloma S sweater at a consignment store in September and I love how versatile it is! This skirt was a Nordstrom Rack find a couple years ago and I love it because it has a stretchy waistband and POCKETS! The amber metallic herringbone pointed Rothy’s were a recent purchase with some saved up referral credits and they are so sparkly in person. I have started calling them my princess shoes and plan to wear them a ton over the holidays!

Outfit #4: Ringleader chic

I feel like quite the fashionable ringleader in this outfit. I was originally planning to pair this blazer with a pink blouse and black flats, but was encouraged to wear red for a university event… so I switched. I grabbed a gold sparkly Joie sweater out of my closet that I got at Nordstrom Rack last year for a steal (it was $168 on clearance for $25!) and my trusty red Rothy’s. The blazer is by Didier Parakian and I found it at a consignment store when I was in Boston for a conference. This one was also a total steal… similar blazers go for $350 and I got this one for $35! The black pants are from my last Trunk Club trunk, they are the BLANKNYC The Great Jones High Rise Skinny Jeans and I LOVE them. They are super stretchy and comfortable and can be easily dressed up for the office. You’ll be seeing a lot of these this winter!


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My Style: Summer Favorites

21 Aug

Someone recently commented on an old My Style post, which reminded me that I used to write My Style posts… I stopped writing them about 2 years ago, because I was kind of bored of them (you can see my last one here). But now it’s been so long I’m thinking of resurrecting them on a seasonal basis.

I went through all my posted outfits from the June, July and August and picked my 5 favorites.

Outfit #1: Faux Wrap Dress + Runched Blazer + Thrifted Sandals

You all know I love a good wrap dress, and this pretty purple-ish number is no exception. I feel like it’s a little clashy with my current hair color, so I added my favorite black blazer to break it up a bit. The dress is from Leota and it’s the Mae dress in Petunia. I bought it on sale a year or so ago, but it looks like they have the same pattern in a sweetheart neckline in plus sizes (you can find it here).

This black blazer is my absolute favorite and I’ve had it and worn it for about 3+ years now and it’s holding up great. It’s the Amanda & Chelsea Signature Runched Sleeve Blazer from Nordstrom Rack for $60. You can find it here in petite sizes, straight sizes, and plus sizes. I get overheated easily, so this style with the ¾ sleeves works well for me! I thrifted the Tahari patent leather sandals in April for $8 and have worn them pretty frequently over the summer. I like how the shiny patent leather makes the comfy and casual sandal look a little extra fancy.

Outfit #2: Anthropologie dress + Saltwater Sandals

This photo is from when my husband and I had a date night of going to the Def Leppard/Journey concert and then doing some gambling at a nearby casino! I bought this old-school Anthropologie dress second-hand and I love the pretty pattern and the longer length of the skirt. I purchased the Saltwater Sandals early in the summer after liking them for a few years but never committing to buy them. I have probably worn them at least 2x a week all summer long! I got them from Modcloth for $45 (find them here) and even after all this wear, they still look as great as they did at the beginning of the summer.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may also recognize this photo from the illustration that @ajsgallery did for her #ootdartseries. She illustrated me in my outfit and I love how it turned out!

Outfit #3: My Pinup Swimsuit and some Arm Candy

How could this photo NOT make my summer fav’s round-up?! While down in OC celebrating my soon-to-be sister’s bachelorette weekend, we spotted these boys/guys/beefcakes/dudes(?) and I had to have a photo! I mean, we look like we totally matched our outfits on purpose!

This swimsuit has been one of my absolute favorites ever since Jack was born and this is the second version I have owned (the first lasted about 3 years before looking worn). When this one dies, I’ll be replacing it again… because it’s a magical sort of swimsuit that holds everything tight (including boobies and butt cheeks) and also looks awfully cute. Find it here in sizes 4 – 34!

Outfit #4: Landscape Dress + Thrifted Cardigan + Rothy’s

Here’s another secondhand Anthropologie dress that I totally swoon over. I spotted this dress on Poshmark, and scooped it up for $40. I love, love, love the watercolor landscape print and the super soft, flowy fabric. It has spaghetti straps, so it necessitates a cardigan for work – for both tattoo coverage and warmth. This sweater was thrifted, but is just your basic ¾ sleeve black cardigan.

You all are probably super bored of hearing me sigh over my Rothy’s, but these red flats have been my go-to shoes for a pop of color since they arrived in the mail. If you want to read ALL my thoughts on Rothy’s and whether I think they are worth the price tag, you can find my post here.

Outfit #5: Crazy Floral Jersey Dress + Thrifted Cardigan + Strappy Sandals

This is one of my favorite dresses from Boden, because of the incredibly light and soft jersey fabric. It is also somehow magical and really compliments curves while making me look a little thinner in my not-so-thin areas. It’s called the Willa Jersey Dress and it’s currently offered in a bunch of colors and on sale (find it here). The cardigan is the same one from my previous outfit, and it gets a lot of wear in my closet. I actually spotted a second one out thrifting and bought it for a backup.

Let’s talk about these shoes. They’re awfully cute, right? I’ve had them and have worn them for years, but now that I have much more comfortable options… these seem so much more painful. So, after this day at work, I immediately took them off my feet and threw them into my donate pile. See ya uncomfortable shoes!

What do you think… did you miss my My Style posts? Should I bring them back on a seasonal basis? Which is your favorite summer outfit? It’s the beefcake photo, right?!


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