Work Style: July 2019

I enjoyed taking a look back at my June outfits last month, so I’m going to keep it up for my July work outfits too. As I mentioned previously, I share my daily look on Instagram, but I find it interesting to have a look at all my July outfits in one spot. This helps me decide which ones need to go or be hemmed/tailored.

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Let’s revisit July!

Week One:

Just three outfits for the first week of July, since I had off two days to celebrate Independence Day! My favorite of the three outfits is the skirt/blouse/sweater look. I like the other two dresses too, but that skirt always makes me happy when I wear it and it has fabulous pockets that fit a whole cellphone!

Week Two:

The winning look for my second week of July was absolutely my Casual Friday outfit. This top is from my July Trunk Club box and the jeans are from an upcoming Mott + Bow review. I’m in LOVE with both of the pieces – they are comfortable and professional looking and they fit and feel GREAT. I topped the look off with a pair of red camouflage Rothy points and a long necklace and this one will be revisited time and time again.

As much as I like the dress in the top left photo, I have to admit it’s not actually very flattering. It’s got more of an Eileen Fisher oversized comfort kind of look. I’m not sure it’s bad enough to retire (aka re-donate) though. What do you all think?

Week Three:

This week is my favorite outfit week of the month! Once again, the Casual Friday outfit is the winner with those fabulous Mott + Bow jeans, red shoes and a fabulous open cardigan I picked up when I was in Hawaii.

I kind of love all the dresses from this week though and I have total ‘heart eyes’ for that orange shirt + thrifted pleated skirt combo! The landscape dress from the bottom right is one of my favorites, so I was pleasantly surprised how it looks when I changed out my typical cardigan with a new (to me) wrap sweater. I can’t wait to try the sweater with some other dresses/skirts in my closet!

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