July Thrift Haul

July was a fun hodge-podge of thrifting opportunities for me. I found one item in a thrift store early in the month, made a stop by a new consignment shop, and then visited a few new-to-me consignment stores over the weekend in Annapolis.

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J. Jill Wrap Sweater, $4

First up is this pretty wrap sweater from J. Jill. I tried it on and liked the fit of it, but then put it back on the rack because I’m not a pink person. Then, I turned around and fondled it again… before walking away. And finally, I just bought it since it was $4. I love the slouchy shape of this sweater, but I just don’t love the color! Then, I had a thought… I’d dye it!

I bought some black RIT dye and it’s been sitting in my office for the past couple weeks. The problem is that the sweater is made out of polyester, so I have to use a special version of the dye where I have to heat up some boiling water, stick in the sweater the dye and then stir it for 30 minutes. Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet. But… it will. I think. And when I finally do it, I’ll take some photos and let you know how it turned out!

Vintage Givinchy Blue Glass necklace, $10

As I mentioned, I heard about a brand new consignment shop by me so I made it a point to go and visit. They had a bunch of clothing, but I was mostly impressed with the jewelry section. Everything was 50% off, so I grabbed this Givinchy necklace that was marked at $20. It’s so weird and pretty looking, so for just $10 I figured I’d take a chance on it. I couldn’t find anything similar online to compare it to, so I have no idea how much this went for originally.

Anthropologie Beaded necklace, $6

Once again, the half-off fairy struck and I was able to get this fun beaded necklace for just $6. I love the length of it and how it just kind of floats around while you walk. I happened to be wearing my bright yellow sandals, which match perfectly and totally inspired this fun outfit:

Loft dress, $16.50

I found this dress over the weekend at a consignment shop in Annapolis — the colors, fit and price was right so I bought it. Do I need another jersey dress for work, um… probably not. BUT do I wear my dresses to work pretty much every day of the week…? Heck yeah I do.

Gibson Latimer Dress, $30.50

I paid up a bit for this dress (from the same consignment shop) but it was new with the $96 tags still on it. I love the cinched in elastic waist with the fun tie detail and I really like the weight of the fabric. I actually already wore it to work yesterday (you can see it here)!

Eileen Fisher cardigan, $20.50

You all know I love my Eileen. This pretty colored sweater is a looser weave and has a longer back on it. It actually worked out that it looks cute with both the dresses I bought, so I figured I’d get this one too. Eileen Fisher sweaters typically go from $200 – 300, so at $20 this one is a steal! Here it is with the navy dress:

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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3 thoughts on “July Thrift Haul”

  1. Oh my goodness,everything you found is adorable. So cute. Those dresses are perfect for work. I’m sure you can wear them elsewhere, too.
    Can you use a bucket to dye the pink sweater in? Boil water in a tea kettle, or large pot, pour into the bucket and dye the sweater in that. You wouldn’t want black dye to get on your stove. Good luck! I am sure it will look great, once it is all done.

    1. Thank you! And that’s a good suggestion — I think the instructions say it has to be simmering for the whole 30 minutes but I’ll double-check!

  2. If you put a top on the bucket, maybe a plate, or flat pan of some kind, that could keep that heat in. Or, you could add boiling hot water, that could keep it hot. I used to dye tops, sometimes, sneakers. Lots of fun.

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