What’s Your ‘Go To’ Snack?

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When it comes to this Safer at Home quarantine in Maryland, I have to say we are really kicking butt with the whole cooking food at home thing! Ever since early March, I’ve been cooking Monday – Friday and we have been ordering takeout for weekend dinners. That is A LOT of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks at home. Which got me to thinking about snacks…

I have a couple ‘go to’ snacks depending on my mood:

For my sweet snack, I like to grab a couple marshmallows and a piece of Dove dark chocolate. Basically, I eat a marshmallow, a bite of chocolate, and then another marshmallow. Repeat.

For my salty snack, I like Ritz crackers with a small cut of smoked provolone cheese on top. So, so, so good. Also, when I stick a bunch of crackers with cheese on a cutting board it typically turns into a fancy little kitchen party with me, Travis and Jack all joining in.

After almost 5 months at home, I’m looking to mix it up a bit. So, leave me a comment below and tell me what is your ‘go to’ snack at home. It can be sweet or salty, or a little of both!

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One thought on “What’s Your ‘Go To’ Snack?”

  1. We’re eating a ton of those little sweet peppers with hummus. Also pudding cups -100 calories and if you eat them with a baby spoon you can draw that enjoyment way out.

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