Why Am I Watching This?! Love Prison

I am not typically a reality show watcher. I don’t know why; it just makes me really uncomfortable when people are having their issues and I’m watching like a voyeur. Also, knowing that not everything is as it seems (with lots being set up) makes me weirdly angry. Typically, my reality tv watching is on the Discovery + app, with Hometown and other DIY-type shows. My sister convinced me to watch season 2 of Love is Blind – which I did – but that’s about it. And I yelled at the tv most of the time.

BUT. Travis and I just got sucked into a show and OHMYGOD I can’t deal with it.

It’s called Love Prison. And it’s currently on Discovery +, but it looks like you can watch it other places too (like Amazon Prime). It was originally an A&E show and the one season of the show came out in 2014.

The premise: Two people who have been online dating for awhile get to meet in person for the first time. However, the catch is that they meet in a “love prison” which is a house on an island with no technology to entertain them. They are stuck together for a full week with no television, no phones, no radio, no computers. And they only get one hour of ‘outside time’ each day.

Sure, it sounds challenging. But as I’ve told my husband at least 5 times since we started watching the show (we are currently on episode 3), we would have definitely played some hide and seek in the house. And made some silly food dishes. And just gotten super weird.

And let me just say, WOW does the crazy come out in these couples. The couple in the second episode has been dating online for TWO YEARS and when they meet you can only wonder what the heck they had been doing in their daily phone calls. They had nothing in common and it was clear that they were just going to drive each other crazy.

At the end of their episode, they have to decide whether they are going to leave together (staying in a relationship) or leave alone (breaking up). And, here, watch it for yourself:

I’m obviously late to the game with this show. Like 8 years late. But I can’t stop watching it. {Also, good for you Chris… Rosie is not the right fit for you!}

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One thought on “Why Am I Watching This?! Love Prison”

  1. I gotsucked into 60 days In. I think that’s what it was. Itwasabout these people who are picked by some council with a top guy,that they call, The General. These peopleare sent to prison for 60 days,to find out as much as they can about life in prison. So the town can fixit,I guess. You are not allowed to tell anyone who you are, what you are doing. It was interesting. I fell slightly ashamed of watching this. You give someone a sign, and you can go home.
    So, I can see how you can get into this stuff. I stopped watching it, then it was back on, and I didn’t even feel like watching it! So, that isthe key to stopping. Just do something else, and you won’t go back. Good luck!

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