2 Changes in 2 Bathrooms

I got a bug up my butt over the weekend* and decided to make a couple changes around the house.

Actually, one of the changes was quite spur of the moment and the other one was a long time coming.

Change #1: My new Robot Friend
robot 2I stopped by one of my favorite kiddie consignment/specialty stuff shops (it’s called Greenberries) to see if they had any outdoor toys and saw something that I didn’t even know I needed.

Until I saw it. And then my breath caught in my throat and I realized that I simply HAD to buy it. In fact, my life would not be complete without it.

And that is how I became the owner of this amazing 3D Robot art crafted by Paul Ocepek at Modern Moose. I love it so much and after visiting his website I pretty much want one of everything. Or maybe just this, this and this.

And this.

And this for Katie at Words for Worms.

robot 1

I’m not even kidding when I say I literally walked into the house, set Jack in his playpen and hung the robot on the wall within about 5 minutes. THAT is how excited I was to see him in his new home.

My robot buddy fits in perfectly in the hall bathroom, which is also Jack’s bathroom. I really wanted the room to be FUN without looking like a kid’s bathroom threw up all over the place. So I’m super happy with a little bit of whimsy in the striped shower curtain and fun artwork. Once Jack gets a little bigger, I’ll add in a fun colored step-stool and the bathroom will be complete!

Change #2: Master Bathroom Upgrade
IMG_1953The crappy builder-grade faucet that lived in our master bathroom leaked out the side whenever you used the cold water. Yeah, nothing makes me more annoyed than something that doesn’t really do it’s ONE JOB well!

Our long term plan for the room is to rip it down to the studs and start anew, however we don’t have the moola to throw in that project right this second.

Instead, we found a nice faucet in an oil rubbed bronze finish that goes really well with our current sink. So until we save up enough to have our total dream bathroom, we’ll be content with a faucet that looks pretty AND doesn’t get my makeup wet in the morning.


There you go, my two quick updates from this past weekend. I still have a ton more on my list, including painting my front door, installing hardwood flooring and repainting some outdoor chairs. I don’t have an unlimited amount of money or time though, so nothing is happening very quickly!

How about you, working on anything fun?

Do you have a random term you use that is vaguely gross sounding?


*Wait, is that a thing? I mean, is that a term that people say? Because I‘ve been saying it for a while and I just realized how kind of gross it is. Maybe I should say I got a bee in my bonnet. I’m pretty sure THAT is a thing…

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10 thoughts on “2 Changes in 2 Bathrooms”

  1. First: I need that penguin clock. Yesterday. Second: “Bug up your butt” is, most assuredly, a thing. Third: So is “Bee in your bonnett, which I prefer because I saw a bunch of Amish people at the train station this weekend.

    1. Right?! I saw the penguin clock and I immediately thought of you. I’m brainwashed that way now!

  2. This is just what the doctor ordered for me today. A nice, interesting (yes, I think it is), home improvement/decorating post with photo’s of the subject and not just some clip art and bitching about how someone misplaced your (not you- someone else) hair brush while the little one was learning to potty train. Whew! I’m so bored with that. Love this and thank you for letting ME bitch.

      1. BTW, I went over to your blog and wanted to comments on today’s post because the pictures of the hotdog place totally made me happy… but it will only let me comment with Google+. Which I don’t use. So, just so you know — I loved your post today!

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