2017 Goals

Okay, so let’s talk about my 2016 “word of the year” where I decided to choose Balance (read it here). Five months in and it wasn’t going well (more info here).

Now that it is a full year later I can honestly say that I need to try again.

I did okay when it comes to figuring out a work/life balance. I hired two new people for my team at work, which helped me not be quite so crazy. Of course, I also started a master’s program, so that certainly didn’t make me any less busy. The eating healthy and working out thing… um, that didn’t go so well.

So for 2017 I’m going to call a do-over and make Balance my word again. Because I still need some balance in my life.

Also, since I’m a girl who likes checking things off my ‘to do’ list, I decided to pick a few goals that are attainable:

Goal #1: Get a full physical
I don’t really like going to the doctor, so I don’t go. I mean, I go to my dermatologist and ladybits doctor once a year. And when I get sick I go by the walk-in clinic to get a quick check-up and prescriptions. I know I need to get a full physical to make sure that everything is a-okay and since I’ll be turning 40 in September, I’m going to make this the year I finally do it.

Goal #2: Take 18 more credits for my Master’s Program
I started working towards my Master’s in Management with a specialization in Marketing and finished out 2016 by getting an A in my 6 credit Organizational Theory & Behavior course. I want to keep on track to graduate in 24 months, which means that I need to take 18 credits this year (6 in the spring, 6 in the summer, and 6 in the fall). Unfortunately, I also have to throw a couple 0 credit pre-requisites in there too… so 2017 is going to be quite busy.

Goal #3: Run 100 Miles
I like to run when it’s nice outside and actually enjoy the opportunity to get away and do 3 – 5 miles on a weekend run. One hundred miles sounds like a HUGE amount of mileage – and it really is for me – but I also feel like it’s a goal that I can totally accomplish if I put my mind to it. So, I might as well try!

So there you go. A word and three goals. That’s totally doable, right?!

How about you… do you have any goals/resolutions/words of the year for 2017?

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7 thoughts on “2017 Goals”

  1. I think my word for this year will be survival. For me and my girl. Also patience. As long as we’re all still alive, healthy, and happy by 2017, I’ll consider that a success. Also sleep. Talk about setting the bar low, huh? 😉

  2. Balance is something I need more of in my life. The word of the year for me is reconnection. Since becoming a mother I’ve been struggling with work/life/motherhood identities and my relationship with my partner has been strained as well. I need to reconnect with myself, my baby daddy, and my world outside of motherhood.

    1. That is so hard for me too! I was actually just looking at my January calendar to see if I could squeeze in any girlfriend dinners and it’s already full with work and work and more work. =( I wish you luck on ‘reconnection’ and I need a little of that too!

  3. My word is “Strength.” Strength in my body (already hitting the gym!), strength in my business, and the strength to say the word NO. Why is that word the hardest to say? I literally spill profanity out in public restaurants (not ok), but saying the word no? Well, so far I’ve only been able to type it.

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