4 Reasons Why Working at a College Makes Me Feel Both Young & Old at the Same Time

4.Walking around campus to grab lunch takes me back to the late 90’s when I was completing my undergraduate degree at Shepherd College (now Shepherd University). I feel like a 19 year old student again — except better because I don’t have required classes, tests or an annoying roommate that sheds her hair all over my stuff.

3. Imagine me with a cane, white hair and a pair of fabulous orange polyester pants when I say this… What the heck are kids wearing these days? In the winter it wasn’t that bad, pretty much every girl wore some version of the exact same skinny jeans and boots combo. Well, now that it’s above 60 degrees apparently the new uniform is the shortest pair of shorts you can find, a blousy top and flip flops or boots. There are just so many butt cheeks on display that it makes my inner old lady want to scream at them to put on some darn pants!

2. Passion. Instead of everyone just sort of trudging to work and then dragging themselves home at the end of the day, people actually like working here. And the students like being here too. I mean, not necessarily during finals week, but in general people walk around with a spring in their step and a smile on their face. Being around this kind of work passion (hmm… that kind of sounds a bit naughty) just makes me feel like I’m starting my career all over again. Oh, and as for the other passion – I totally saw a couple students full-on making out the other day.

1. Overhearing conversations like this one on my walk to the student union for lunch:

Extremely tall basketball guy #1: “Dude, I’m totally going to cry. I mean, I wouldn’t actually CRY. But dude, I’m going to cry. But I’m not like a big crier. But it’s YOU, you know. Dude?”

Basketball guy #2: [big pause] “Yeah”

Or this one:

Guy: “Didn’t you take that scuba certification course?”

Girl: “Yeah, I took it but I didn’t do the final test to get certified”

Guy: “Why not?”

Girl: “Well, I was going to, but I murdered my cat”

Guy: “What?”

Girl: “The day of the test. That was the same day I murdered my cat.”*

Priceless, right?


*This was the point that they veered off the path I was on to go to another building. Ever since I overheard that conversation, I just can’t get it out of my head. I mean, what kind of story was she about to launch into to explain why/how she murdered her cat??!!

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