If You Think Being a Mom is Easy, Don’t Bother Reading This Post

With my very first Mother’s Day now behind me, I have now crossed over and joined the ranks of “real mom”.

And one of those “real mom” truths is that motherhood isn’t always easy. When our baby spits up on us or we find poop in weird places, we aren’t always totally thrilled to deal with it. When we get home from a long day of work (or a long day of working as a stay at home mom), we are not always ecstatic to know that we have a full night ahead of us of baby-care before we do it all over again. And we sure as heck didn’t realize how much harder it would be to just pop in a store for one item… with a baby in a carseat.*

Don’t even get me started on the days when daddy doesn’t have the patience to deal with a crying fit and hands the baby back to me after I’ve been on mommy duty all day long (and all night before).

Anyways, my point is that even though we absolutely, positively LOVE our babies. It’s still hard sometimes.

This is why I’d like to point you towards a wonderful new blog written by a friend of mine, Live Wonderstuck. Today’s post really resonated with me and a bunch of other moms out there, so I wanted to share it with you: “Happy? I’m Too Tired to be Happy“.


And for the love of god, when you see that frantic look in the eye of a mommy who hasn’t peed all by herself in days, please offer to hold her baby!

*By the way, I will NEVER be shopping at CVS again due to their ridiculously small shopping carts. In order to stick my baby in them, I have to balance his carseat in the main cart area — leaving no room to purchase anything. Totally not worth it for whatever “bargain” they’ve used to lure me there in the first place!

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One thought on “If You Think Being a Mom is Easy, Don’t Bother Reading This Post”

  1. It’s amazing how “popping out to the store” becomes a thing of the past. If I’m going to take the baby out of the house, strap him in the car seat, get him out of the car, put him in a cart, and strap him back in the car seat, it better be worth it. Forget the quick run because I’d really like (fill in the blank) for dinner and I don’t have one ingredient. Thanks for the link!

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