4 Ways to Style a Printed Maxi Skirt

I recently bought my very first maxi skirt, but still wasn’t quite sold on it. I mean, it looked cute with a black T-shirt, but would I really get enough wear out of it?

Not only was it a lot of skirt, but it was also a lot of print! Instead of returning it, I challenged myself to come up with four different outfits and wrote a special post over on BlogHer: 4 Ways to Style a Printed Maxi Skirt.

I’d love it if you would click over and check it out!

maxi skirt image for blog

Oh, and I ended up liking the versatility of the skirt so much that I went and bought another one!

Which is your favorite look?

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One thought on “4 Ways to Style a Printed Maxi Skirt”

  1. That’s a great skirt on you and all the styles work. I’d be most likely to just wear a plain shirt with it, too (probably also black), but I like the other top halves you put together. The blue shirt gives you such a different shape and I like them all. I cannot think like this, so I think it’s awesome that you can put outfits together like that!

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