Working on my Fitness… Again

I have a love/hate relationship with fitness. I mean, I KNOW it’s good for me to eat healthily and exercise regularly… it’s just my default position is reclined on the couch with my Kindle and some marshmallows.

I did an awesome job last year (sparked by a DietBet) where I lost about 15 pounds and was super-dooper proud of myself. However, I kind of hibernated over the winter and gained back some of that weight.

Remember this old post, My 11 Steps for Restarting an Exercise Program, it was THAT.

Now that the weather is warm again, I’ve started running a bit more. And by “a bit more” I really mean, at all. For the past couple months I’ve been going to a nearby park and running 2 -3 miles each weekend. And I actually enjoy it, too.

So, I’ve decided (again) that I’m going to make a plan to get fit. And I’m hoping that by posting it, I can hold myself accountable.

Here’s my plan:

Eat better.
In order to stick with something that works for me long-term, I’m planning on just a few little changes. More veggies, less crap. A friend of mine is a Beachbody coach, so I’ve decided to try replacing my typical breakfast with one of their shakes in the morning. I’m trying out their variety pack this week so I can figure out which flavor to order and then I’ll commit to 30 days of morning shakes. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Move more.
I like to run, so I’m going to do more of it. Seems pretty simple, but finding the time can be pretty difficult. I’ve gotten pretty good at running once each weekend, so now I need to add in one morning that I can do a run before work.

I really like running 5k’s so I signed up for a few that sound fun: the Baltimore Crab 5k, the Baltimore Women’s Classic, and The Diva 5k Run. I’m also planning to pack my running clothes the next time we go to the beach and do a little boardwalk running.

My BIG goal is that my siblings and I have decided to do the Baltimore Relay Marathon in October and registered for the event last night. Since there are four of us, it works out perfectly that the marathon is divided in to four parts. I’ll be running the first leg of the relay, which is 5.7 miles. So yeah, I’d better start running more often so I can get that far without passing out!

This past weekend I accomplished a mini-goal of running four miles, which is the longest distance I’ve run in 6+ years!

That’s it. My one-two punch of getting fit. I plan to keep myself motivated with cute running clothes and great running mixes on my iPod. Wish me luck

How do you keep motivated when starting a new fitness program? Do you have any awesome dance-songs that I should add to my running mix?

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8 thoughts on “Working on my Fitness… Again”

  1. My girlfriend and I started the 21 Day Fix last week. We get up at 5am and workout together at her house before my husband has to leave at 6am for work. Having someone to be accountable to has been HUGE for keeping us motivated…neither of us wants to let the other down.

    Portion control has been huge for me, too. We already were about 85/15 on “real” food vs. junk in my house, but using the Beachbody containers helped me realize I eat too much meat and not enough veggies or fruit. And apparently I don’t eat enough in general, because my lunch bag is much fuller and heavier now than it ever has been! But it isn’t filled with pasta anymore. 🙂 (Oh how I miss pasta and bread!)

      1. It sucks, I won’t lie. 🙂 But there is always too much going on in the evenings for a consistent schedule.

  2. I use a free app called Songza when I run. The ‘Cool Runnings: 26.2’ (Activities-Working Out) playlist has a good tempo that keeps me moving, but doesn’t make me feel like I have to sprint. I think it’s good to workout with a friend. They’ll hold you accountable (from my experience). My sister and I ran “together” long-distance by tracking our runs in the Nike+ app and sending screenshots of our runs to each other.

    I started drinking kale a couple of months ago (I know, I know). But I swear it makes me feel good from the inside out. I put some water and two huge kale leaves in my Ninja and blend the heck out of it. Sometimes I add half a lime. It takes some getting used to, but it’s worth it. Let me know how you like the Beachbody Smoothies.


    1. I’ll have to check Songza out. I usually use my ipod, but had to quickly download Pandora to my phone over the weekend because my ipod was dead. So far I’ve tried the chocolate smoothie (mixed with water and frozen strawberries…YUM) and the vanilla smoothie (mixed with ice, coffee and a 1/2 banana… Okay). I still have a few more flavors to try, but chocolate is winning so far!

  3. PREACH! I’ve been working really hard this past year (spurred on by a DIETBET!) I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds, but lately some of them are starting to creep back on. I think my workout game is pretty on point- I try to get to the gym for a Les Mills class at least 3 times a week (body pump, body combat, body attack) and that’s going pretty well. What isn’t going well is that my eating habits are slipping back into the danger zone. DAMN YOU, PIZZA! I need to get back to being careful about my portions, too.

    1. I just can’t live in a world where I can’t have pizza. My problem is that after denying myself “bad” food to lose the weight, I just went back to eating like crap 90% of the time. I need to learn moderation! And I totally wish I lived nearby, because I’d love to do all your fun classes!

    2. I used to do Les Mills classes, too! I have a couple of friends who teach Body Combat. I liked their CXWORX and Body Pump classes. Very challenging!

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