5 Favs Friday: Rock Out Jams

One of the questions I asked you in this week’s De-Lurking post was about your current ROCK OUT jam. I love the diversity in the answers that I got for that question (as well as all the other answers, of course) which brings me to MY rock out jams. You know, those songs that never fail to get you doing a little weird dancing in the car with some wiggly neck moves.

I actually tried to record this dance for you, but the resulting video was so embarrassing that I immediately deleted it.

5 Favs Friday- Rock out Jams

Check out my little headphones, I look like I’m ready to totally rock out, right? Let’s kick off the weekend and do some odd dancing together!

Pharrell – Happy
First up is the latest song to make me yell out “OOOH, that’s my JAM” and then turn up the radio. The video isn’t half bad either and Pharrell’s dancing makes ME happy.

OneRepublic – Counting Stars
Next up is a song that’s been in high rotation on my iPod for the last few months. I confessed on Facebook one day that it took me ages to realize that this was OneRepublic and NOT One Direction. After so long imagining the lead singer being that floppy haired tween singer dude, my brain was confused that the singer actually looks like Macklemore’s brother (even his dance moves). Since I would totally makeout with Macklemore, I liked this song even more!

Jason Derulo featuring 2 Chainz – Talk Dirty

Ok, warning that this next song has some naughty parts so don’t blast it from your speakers at work unless they are cool with that kind of thing. This is my latest and greatest song that lights a fire in my heart. And my pants. I can not hear the horn part without it being like a snake-charmer’s call and my body becomes the snake. I break into body-rolls that would make a stripper proud.

If by “proud” you mean “laugh hysterically.” Also, it is imperative that you yell out “2 CHAINZ” at the proper part.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – White Walls

No Joules Jam list is complete without that sexy minx Macklemore. The newest one on the radio right now, White Walls, has a video that defines MY kinda man. A little sexy and a lot of silly. The song rocks my socks off too.

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar on Me
Last up on my Jam list is a sentimental favorite. Annie, this one is for you and ALL THOSE times we drank WAY too much hard cider and danced scandalously at our local bar when our favorite local band was playing. Note to self, need a girls night out soon…

So what do you think, did my Rock Out Jam choices get you bopping in your seat? Tell me, what song can you just NOT resist dancing along to?

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39 thoughts on “5 Favs Friday: Rock Out Jams”

  1. You almost lost me with all that modern polished radio friendly stuff …but you saved the list with that last entry. 😛

    1. Sorry, I guess I’m the anti-hipster with my radio tastes. I actually used to DJ at my college station and had a knack for picking out ‘alternative’ tunes that actually sounded like they SHOULD be on the radio. 😉

      1. re: picking the songs that should be on the radio …sweet! And to be fair, thinking of that ability to pick songs made me think of something and it forces me to give you a confession that disqualifies me as a music critic for the rest of my life. When I got ahold of Creed’s Human Clay (a record I had been looking very much forward to), I heard the song “What If” and a.) loved it, and b.) predicted they’d make it the second single. In retrospect, …well, as I said, I was looking forward to a Creed album …I’ve lost all credibility. 😛

  2. Oh boy, let me just tell you…so I waited way too late in the day to check your blog, but I’m glad I’m at home. I was rocking out to each song, and yes pulled a similar snake-charmer move at more than one point. Then, I saw The Leppard!! Woo girl we have to go dancing soon, I’ve been way out of practice but way over due!! And thank you for the dedication, love you and all of your awesomeness!!

  3. You make me smile with your choices. The Def Leppard (did i spell that right?) was a wonderful surprise… liked the others too, but I always enjoy the “what is different” about most everything. Part of my eccentricity I suppose!

    I’m glad to find you from the COMMENT LOVE from SITS girls today. Such a great variety amongst us…. I suppose you know now I love that!!

  4. YAY! I love all five!!!! And I’m usually a country-only girl, but I do like these songs! Go figure! Happy, makes me Happy!!!

    Pour Some Sugar On Me is now stuck in my head! Thanks for that!!! LOL!!

    Julia (over from SITS girls)

  5. Happy has been my family’s theme song since last summer seeing it in Despicable 2. We love to rock out to it but I hadn’t seen the video. Yelling out 2 Chains is fun too. You seem to have a joy in your life. 🙂 I’m glad I found you via #sitsblogging.

  6. Okay, now I have Def Leopard song song stuck in my head! I love all these tunes! The minute I started reading the song list, I started to sing out loud the songs! Great list indeed! Visiting from sits.

  7. 2 out of 5 ain’t bad. Yes! I’m feeling Happy and What lady don’t love the Leppard!!!????!!!! But, I could do without the others. So more retro and big 80’s hair rock bands and I’m following you every 5 Favs Friday. Rock on! #SitsBlogging

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