9 Stages of Driving with your Fuel Light on “E”

9 Stages of Driving with your Fuel Light on "E" - Pocketful of Joules
Stage 1. Staring at the “E” indicator, trying to decide if it is moving. Wait, did it raise up a smidge?! Crap, I think it actually got lower…

Stage 2. Turning off the AC and turning down the radio so that you can worry better.

Stage 3. Praying.

Stage 4. Mentally calculating the distance to the gas station and how long it would take to walk with your current shoe choice.

Stage 5. Promising never, never, EVER to let your tank go below ½ full if you can just make it to the gas station this time!

Stage 6. Sweet talking your car and calling it baby.

Stage 7. Coasting down hills.

Stage 8. Finally pulling into the gas station only to notice the “out of order” hood over the nearest pump.

Stage 9. Filling the car with gas and then going on upon your merry way…until you hit “E” again.

And yes, this totally happened to me this morning as I was dropping off Jack.

What do you think… did I miss any? Am I the only one who keeps promising myself that I will never let the gas tank get low again, only to do it like 75% of the time that I use my truck?!

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3 thoughts on “9 Stages of Driving with your Fuel Light on “E””

  1. Yep. I know these stages well. But when mine gets to the last bar (I don’t have an E), I hit the mileage reset, so I know that I have at least 20 miles before I run out of gas. I’ve actually never run out of gas in this car because it doesn’t have the E, and starts flashing when my tank is at 12.5%, which is, pretty much, many miles.

  2. My car right now says that I have 23 miles until empty. Which is way too few miles for my liking, but I was running late and didn’t want to stop on my way to work. Every time I ask myself why I didn’t get gas the night before and swear that I’ll get gas when it gets to 150 miles left. Did I mention that my work is an hour away from my house? And that my family owns a gas station/convenience store that is literally a block away from my house and I STILL can’t manage to get gas until the last minute?

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