A Kind Word

All bloggers go through this thing where we feel like maybe we’re done.

Maybe we’ve shared enough. Or maybe we just don’t have anything else interesting to say. Or maybe there are 10,000 other bloggers out there that seem like they’re almost exactly like us so why bother adding our voice to the mix for another post?

You think that if you take a few days off the feeling will pass… and usually it does. But sometimes it sticks around a little longer. You post a couple half-ass posts and generally just feel disappointed in yourself for your lazy writing.

Then. At that moment when you most need it. You receive an email from a fan. Someone who you’ve never met in person and never realized even knew who you were.

But there it is, in an innocent little email: “you write one of my favorite blogs.”

Isn’t that amazing? You didn’t even know that this person was out there and they have been reading and enjoying YOUR writing for who knows how long.

So the wistful feeling passes. And you feel so blessed to be able to have your little space of the internet to share yourself.

Thank you to anyone who has ever let me know that they enjoy my writing. And thank you especially to Merete who has officially gotten me out of my funk.

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