A little of this & a little of that

I’m having one of those days where I’m feeling vaguely annoyed at everything. Not a full-blown pissed off feeling, but one of those sigh-and-roll-your-eyes-at-everything moods.

I literally started writing like three blog posts and gave up after a few paragraphs because they were boring me. Boring the person WRITING the post is never a good sign… so I gave up.

I’m still sticking with my posting 2 – 3 days a week though, so I figured I’d leave it up to you all. Or more specifically, the ‘you all’ who follow my blog page on Facebook. So instead of a normal blog post, I’m going to use this space to answer each of the questions left on my page.

Bipolar Mom 101: How are you doing lately?
I’m in a grumpy mental funk right now. It’s most likely a combo of a disagreement with my husband last night, hunger for something decadent like a super soft and mushy brownie that I can roll up into balls before popping them in my mouth, and the fact that my first night of doing The Shred’s Workout #3 yesterday kicked my butt. In fact, the workout kicked my butt so hard that I literally had to sneak into my sleeping kid’s room so that I could steal his inhaler out of his drawer to treat my asthma.

Stef Daniel – Momspirational: Why do people hang shoes on power lines?
So my initial thought was to agree with another post by Sara Skokan (further down in the Facebook comments) that it had something to do with a drug dealer living on the street. However, after googling it I found that it can be for various reasons ranging from commemorating the end of a school year, celebrating completing basic training or keeping your house safe from a ghost. In the movie Sex Drive, one of those road trip type random comedies (pretty much worth watching just for Seth Green’s Amish mechanic character), the main girl throws her shoes over a power line to show how cool and spontaneous she can be. On a related note, I noticed some shoes were over a power line on my way into work this morning. I work on a college campus, so it’s probably a drunk kid thing too.

Jackie Monfre: Talk about the art of underwater basket weaving.
So we’ve all heard of underwater basket weaving as a way to describe a super easy or useless college course. But did you know that the term was first used in the 1950’s? Well, now you do.

Katie Kelly from Words for Worms: Why does EVERYTHING taste better fried?
Everything Katie? Really, EVERYTHING?! I beg to differ. While some things are most delicious fried – like donuts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken and cheese  — many things are MUCH better not fried. Like crab cakes and probably about ¾ of the things that they fry up at the Texas State Fair (which is apparently the “fried food capital of Texas”). Really, fried coke? How do you even do that?!

Stef Daniel – Momspirational: Why do kids always think my food and drink tastes better than theirs, even though it’s exactly the same thing?
First off Stef, thank you for being an overachiever by submitting two questions. You rock and you’re totally helping me make this hodge-podge into an (almost) actual blog post. Second, thank goodness it’s not just me. I have the exact same problem, but it’s not just my son who wants to taste whatever I’m eating… it’s my husband too!

Here’s my theory, you’re making the food look too yummy when you eat it. From now on, every time you take a bite make a little yucky-face grimace and look longingly at THEIR food. Your kids’ animal instinct will kick in and they’ll try to scarf down what is on their plate quickly before you ask for a taste!

Sara Skokan: What would you do if you could be anything at all and money wasn’t an issue?
Retired. I would be retired, since money isn’t an issue and I obviously have a gazillion dollars in the bank. Then, I could spend all my time traveling to exotic beaches and exploring new cities. First up on the list: Tahiti, Australia and Italy. If my plan was required to be a job of some sort, let’s go with travel writer so that I had an excuse to travel and try out the most amazing hotels in the world.

So there you go, all of your questions answered! The only one I skipped is that Sara also asked for me to share 25 previously unknown things about myself and I honestly can’t think of anything interesting at the moment.

How about you, do you have a burning question that you want me to answer? Sound off in the comments and I’ll respond as best as I can. Or I’ll make something up. Pretty much one or the other.

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6 thoughts on “A little of this & a little of that”

  1. You know something? I’ve never had fried coke, but I bet it is delicious! (I say this just to be contrary, because you’re probably right. But I’M in a MOOD TOO!) I’m in a mood because I want to eat things that are bad for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    1. Oh, I totally get your mood to eat bad. I met up with a friend on Saturday and we totally PIGGED OUT and I gained back a pound of what I’ve worked so hard to lose. The worst part is that my stomach is trying to convince me to keep eating and eating and eating and I’m like NO STOMACH, STOP BEING SO FAT!!

  2. Wow, to keep ghosts away and to show where a drug dealer lives. I am intriqued. You are far better than Google! By the way, I have tried the grimace face while eating and it doesn’t work with my group of heathens. LOL! Loved the post.

  3. Wow, I would do the EXACT same thing as you if I could be anything and money wasn’t an issue. Except instead of a writer, a photographer, but other than that, yes. Travel the world and stay in the fanciest hotels while I’m doing it. Ahh…. bliss.

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