I’m kind of a big deal

Hey bloggy friends, did you notice the snazzy cool button on the right hand side that says that I’m now a contributing writer at Dad’s Roundtable?!

First off, yes I know I’m a woman and I’m missing some of the required equipment to be a dad. However, I’ve always been one of those gal’s that totally gets along with the boys. Also, after some total buttering up from the fabulous Jen from Life on the SONny Side I was asked to be a contributor over there.

So let me think… they enjoy my writing, they’d like me to write over at their site, AND they’re a super awesome online parenting magazine? I’m IN!

Cue the spazzy dancing music, because if you click on over to Dad’s Roundtable my article is on the FRONT PAGE!

I knew it was going online today, but when I clicked over and saw it on the very front page I pretty much blurted out, “SHUT your FACE!” and did a weird little squeal that kind of scared my husband.

So please stop on by and check out Nobody Teaches Us How to be Parents and let me know your thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “I’m kind of a big deal”

  1. You crack me up. And yes, it was a great article. We look forward to more on DadsRT. Don’t forget to tell everyone about #DadsRT chat on Wednesday nights at 9EST/6PST… or I’ll just do it for you. 😉

    Thanks again for contributing and being part of our community!

  2. Now don’t go gettin’ all big on me now.
    I want to hang with you in July.
    And not have to ask you for your autograph.
    Which I totally will anyway. 😉

    1. LOL, totally not a problem. I don’t really see myself as the kind of girl that would sign autographs. I’m more likely to talk too much and inappropriately hug a new friend!

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