A Quick Update

Okay, so first off let me start by saying that this isn’t a real blog post. And for that I’m sorry, I really am. But a fake blog post is better than no blog post at all, right?

I’d been doing so well with my regular posting but this week had been nuts, or if I want to try and pretend to be cool… it’s been ‘cray cray’. Um, I think I used that correctly…

Anyways, I’ve been totally swamped with work, life and more work this week. Which is especially odd since Monday was a holiday and I only had two actual days of work this week. However, one of my favorite freelancing clients contacted me yesterday morning with a job on a tight deadline and of course I accepted it.

So, in the last 24-ish hours I’ve: painted patio furniture (HUGE sunroom reveal coming, hopefully after the weekend), taken care of Jack, done 5+ hours of freelance work (still more to be done tonight), answered emails and made plans with friends, did actual WORK work and will continue to do so until 5pm today, went to Walmart and chatted with a random lady for THIRTY minutes about her experience with preemies from 20 years ago, was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, and also got some food and sleep in there.

That’s my excuse for no real blog posts this week, but I promise I have lots of them coming up!

In line to be written about/posted is:

  • My huge sunroom changes on an extremely small budget.
  • Cancer mole update and scar healing progress (in response to questions)
  • Freelance project thoughts: taking on more work takes time away from the baby, is it worth it?
  • The Versatile Blogger award – huge thanks for being nominated and my project of nominating other people and answering some questions.
  • Possibly an update on the Great Grapes Wine Festival this weekend (if I get a chance to go)
  • Things that rocked about this week — including Jack going in the pool for the first time and using a brand new fluffy pillow.

So once again, sorry for not posting but stick with me because lots of fun is coming up soon!





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