My name is Joules and I’m addicted to Instagram

My husband and I just got iPhones on Saturday night and I’m already addicted to Instagram.

I’m pretty sure that the Instagram thing has already gone from super cool to totally lame now, but I don’t even care. I love it so much – and not just regular love… more like that big, sloppy kisses kind of love.

I feel a little guilty about having googly eyes for Instagram, because using the snazzy pre-set filters feels like cheating to me. I mean, I actually took photography classes in college, learned how to develop my own film and regularly make Photoshop my bitch – it’s just too easy to pick “1977” and have an awesome picture!

But just like everyone else out there, I totally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. And I’m pushing my guilt away and going for it, because it just feels too good to appreciate the beautiful sky of a cloudy day again.

Here’s what I shot so far:

The very first photo I shot — my baby was asleep so I chased my dog around.
This is my sister, Katie. I think we were talking about cannibalism and she said “I wonder what people taste like?” before biting into her sandwich. Yup, she’s obviously related to me.
This is my brother, Jason. I’m kind of obsessed with this picture and totally want him to make it his facebook profile shot.
This is my husband (Travis) and baby (Jack) — we were at a wine festival and they decided to take a little nap.
It is really odd to me that my siblings can drink, especially considering that I was 12 when my brother was born. FYI – this is not a full pack o’ siblings, we’re missing my sister Kelsey.
This is Jack, trying to crawl over his daddy. Unfortunately he doesn’t know that he can’t crawl yet.
This is Jack if he were a cop.
This is a rainbow we saw on our way home… I told you I was out of control with the pictures!
My friend and her son (you may recognize her from Live Wonderstruck…)
Me and my boy
Jack’s first shoes. Yes, they have tiny little skulls on them because he’s badass.

If you’re interested in following me and keeping track of my way, way, way too many Instagram shots in a day, you can find me under the username pocketfulofjoules.

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