A Wonderful 4th

I hope all my US readers had a fantastic Independence Day weekend!

For the second year in a row, we had a cookout at our house to take advantage of the fact that our neighbor puts on a professional firework show in his back yard.

I’m not even kidding; his show is probably 20 – 30 minutes long and rivals the shows in Columbia and Baltimore. And we have the added bonus of sitting around our fire pit and watching fireworks while eating s’mores and drinking wine.

Here’s my friend’s picture of the show…


These little bushes you see at the bottom of the picture are actually HUGE pine trees at the back of our property. Yeah, he’s pretty great at blowing things up!

Oh, and of course we had a ton of food! Not only did we have your typical cookout food like hot dogs and pulled pork, my friends and family brought all kinds of yummy stuff like patriotic potato salad, amazing bacon wrapped brown sugar crackers, homemade bean dip, brownies, blueberry buckle, Brussels sprout salad, and more.

Just LOOK at this adorable potato salad Jessy made:

Jessy potato salad

Yup, it’s one of my favorite days of the year!

Due to the rainy weather, we had to move the party indoors… but luckily we only ended up having 16 adults and 5 kids (two are babies). The three kids spent most of the time running around outside in our wet yard, which was pretty darn fun for them. I also bought a crapload of glow stuff at the Dollar Store, so everyone had plenty of glow necklaces, glow bracelets, glow wands, etc. At one point, my kid was running around with so many glow necklaces attached to his butt that he looked like a parrot.

And we can’t forget the sparklers.

Honestly, setting up for the party and then cleaning up after the party took a super long time… but oh-my-gosh did we have the most fabulous time. A great big thank you to our friends for coming out and spending the day with us!

What did you do to celebrate the holiday? Do you have a favorite cookout food?


PS, thank you to Jessy, Diana and Jaclyn for the pictures and video for this post. I left my phone inside and didn’t get ANY pictures during the entire party. I was more concerned with holding my glass of wine at all times…

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  1. The 4th of July is one of my most favorite days of the year, too. Thank you for having us! We had such a great time 😀

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