Fitness Update: Two June 5ks & Falling off the Wagon

Okay guys, I’m trying to be held accountable here… so I’m sharing my wins and my losses.

As I told you all in my Working on my Fitness… Again post, I was going to go for a one-two punch of eating healthy and working out more. Specifically running outside and working out on the elliptical that lives in our playroom.

I kicked butt the first two weeks, I really did. I started each day with a BeachBody shake, ate mostly healthy for the rest of my meals and added in a bunch of elliptical sessions and a few runs. I also ran the Baltimore Crab 5k on June 13th , which was pretty awesome and followed by a beer festival (okay, not so healthy… but certainly pretty great!).

Here I am with my sister and brother in our crab hats:

Crab 5k 2

Crab 5k 1

By the end of the first 10 days, I was down 7 ½ pounds. This is MAJOR for me… because even 2 pounds is difficult for me to lose. I was super happy with myself and confident that I could keep it off/under control on vacation.

But I didn’t.

I totally fell off the wagon when we went to the beach for a week. In fact, it’s been almost a week since we’ve RETURNED from the beach… and I still haven’t clawed my way back onto that damn wagon.

I did run the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k over the weekend, with Jack cheering me on. So that counts for something, right?*


Other than that race, I’ve been pretty darn lazy and totally gained a few pounds back.

To be honest, I’m kind of beating myself up about it. I’m just so annoyed at myself that I work super hard and then self-sabotage and let that hard work go down the drain. This is usually the part where I say f#@k it and eat donuts… which I did yesterday morning.

However, this time I’m trying so hard not to give up. This morning I woke up early, jumped on the elliptical and had my BeachBody shake for breakfast. Which is a good start… now I just have to keep it up. Again.

How do you stay motivated?


*By the way, there were literally 2,972 women running the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k… and I came in 1,265th. So yeah, I beat 1,707 other ladies, which is pretty darn cool! Not quite as cool as my sister who came in 4th, but still pretty cool!


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