My Style: Favorite June Outfits

For quite a few months I’ve been doing a ‘favorite outfits of the month’ collage over on my Instagram account. I like being able to look back at what worked (and what didn’t) each month so that I can see which clothing items are getting the most wear. I thought it would be fun to carry my monthly favorites over here on Pocketful of Joules!

If you see something you like, I’ve made it easy for you to steal my style with links for each item, as well as some similar styles at different price points.

Look #1: Floral Cotton Dress

June look 1

The Dress
I picked this dress up from the Gap outlet last time I was in Ocean City for just $25 with the intentions of using it for a cute swimsuit cover-up. It wasn’t until I got home that I tried styling it for work with a belt and sweater and decided that I loved it. Unfortunately since the dress was an outlet find, the exact one isn’t available. However, this Tropical panel maxi dress from the Gap has a very similar print and feel to it. I also love this elastic waist maxi dress from Nordstrom and it comes in a TON of different prints.

The Sweater
I’m pretty sure my cardigan is the Jackie cardigan sweater in tropical forest from J.Crew. There’s a reason that everyone swoons over J.Crew cardigans… it’s because they hold up so well and last practically forever. They also have frequent sales and outlet stores (also online) that you can hit up for some amazing deals.

The Shoes
I’m wearing the Kelly & Katie Tasha Wedge sandal from DSW from a few years ago. I bought two pairs of these sandals and already wore one pair to death because I loved them so much. When I went to buy a backup, they were gone. So sad! I found a couple sandals with a similar feel though. Check out the O’Neill Sonia Gladiator sandals for a super similar look. I also like these Circus by Sam Edelman sandals for a more subtle take on the gladiator trend.

Look #2: Fit & Flare Dress

June look 2

The Dress
I got this dress in my April Stitch Fix and it was pretty much love at first sight. It has all the ingredients that I love in a dress – a fun print, slight v-neck, fitted waist and a fluffy circle skirt! After looking all over the internet, I found this EXACT dress at Nordstrom! Stitch Fix calls it the Taylor Theodore dress, but Nordstrom calls it the Cotton Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress by Taylor Dresses. You can find it here and it’s currently on sale! If you decide to order the dress, I found it fits true to size. I’m typically a 12 and the 12 fits perfectly.

The Shoes
I’m wearing the same sandals as Look #1. What can I say… they’re super comfy and go with everything!

Look #3: Patterned Blouse & Circle Skirt

June look 3The Blouse
This top was another Stitch Fix score and I received almost a year ago in my July 2014 Fix. The back of the tank is a ‘split back’ which I don’t really like, but when I tuck it into a skirt you can’t tell. You can totally get a similar look with any loud patterned tank top and I really like this one from Daniel Rainn that mixes a fun pattern with a crochet top. I also am really crazy about this patterned Ombre top from Lucky Brand.

The Skirt
I was looking for a jersey circle skirt and I feel like I looked everywhere before finding this one on the ASOS website. It looks like they are out of a lot of sizes, so I’m crossing my fingers they re-stock. For an alternative, the Women’s Jersey Circle skirt at Old Navy looks very similar. The description says it’s knee-length, but looks kind of short – so I would try ordering your regular size AND your size in “tall” so you can pick the version that looks best on you. I’m thinking of ordering the ‘pink print’ for myself!

The Shoes
If I have a weakness for a sandal brand, it’s Sam Edelman. I picked up these spiked sandals a couple years ago and every time I wear them I kind of feel like a bad ass. Even if it’s with a circle skirt and tank top. The Dion Studded Sandal has a higher heel, but a similar studded look. The Ginger sandal is a little more expensive, but every time I see them I drool a little.

Look #4: Casual Beachy Breakfast Look

June Look 4

The Shirt
This shirt is one of my absolute favorites and every time I wear it out someone wants me to tell them where I got it. So then, I get to kind of whisper out, “um… Thug Life T’s…” and try to look a little more hard-core. Which totally works when I’m holding the hand of my 3 year old. Here’s the exact shirt I have: Don’t Believe Me Just Watch.

The Shorts
These are the shorts I sliced and diced a few weeks ago in this post. They are super similar to this Kut from the Kloth pair I saw at Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago (if you buy them online, I’d suggest ordering up a size… my regular size fit kind of tight).  I also have last year’s version of Gap’s Sexy Boyfriend shorts which I wear a ton, but they are a little shorter.

The Shoes
Okay, I have to admit it… the second I opened the package containing these sandals I immediately put them on my feet and wore them almost nonstop for a week. They are super comfortable with buttery leather and the happy yellow color makes any outfit look more fun! They are called the Joe’s Ranger Sandals in yellow and I bought mine from DailyLook using a credit I had on their website. However, if you like them and you have small sized feet Amazon has them for much cheaper!

What do you think of my new monthly “My Style” feature? Which is your favorite June look?


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9 thoughts on “My Style: Favorite June Outfits”

  1. The Floral Cotton Dress is my favorite, and the shirt from the Casual Beachy Breakfast Look. I like your “My Style” feature. I clicked on every link 😉 Also, I had no idea you could shop Nordstrom Rack online. That’s a nice knowledge nugget for my day, so thanks!

    1. Oh my gosh, Nordstrom Rack online is fantastic! I found a pair of pants that I LOVED at the Rack and then went home and ordered another pair online. =) And thank you for the link clicking!

  2. I just bought the black circle skirt at Old Navy outlet a week ago. It is knee length on me, but I am only 5’4. It looked like it was going to be too short before I tried it on, but eded up being the right length. I wouldn’t have known what a circle skirt was if I didn’t read your blog.

    1. Oh, that’s great that the length worked out for you. On the website picture it looks a bit short. Glad I could help! =) OH, and I just checked and the Old Navy circle skirts are on sale for $8 today!

  3. Came across your blog today via StitchFix pins and have spent the last two hours reading your posts! Your fashion posts are especially fantastic. 🙂

    I followed the link for the Thug Life t-shirts (MUST ORDER), and I was wondering what size you’re wearing, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m not sure whether to go with the Ladies XL or a unisex size. Thanks so much!

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