A Zombie Spider May be Stalking Me

Over the weekend, I walked into the sun room to let Ollie outside for the 8,793th time that day and I saw him. A big, yucky spider just staring at me from the other side of the door. He was HUGE… like the size of my palm. It was like a mutant spider, taunting me.

Spiders are not my homeboys, so if you’re a ‘catch the spider and put it outside’ kind of person… you may want to skip to the end.

Travis was out of town, so I had to take him on myself. I put on a pair of shoes and gave myself a pep talk to GO in there and DESTROY that spider. I threw open the sliding door, grabbed a dustpan and whooped at the top of my lungs as I chased him down and smashed him.

Here, I made a helpful little graphic so you can imagine it…

zombie spider

Then, I didn’t want to touch him so I decided to leave his spider body there as a warning to other spiders. I figure, if other spiders see this this is NOT a spider-friendly house they will stay away. Which is totally sound logic and the reason why I had a squished daddy long legs on my screen door for 3 months.

So imagine my surprise when I went into the sun room this morning and glanced over at the spider death spot… only to find it was empty. HE WAS GONE! Now, I know that neither Ollie or Jack would have touched that spider corpse and I sure as hell didn’t come downstairs while sleeping and clean it up… so there is only one good reason on why it’s gone.

The spider rose from the dead and is now a spider zombie stalking me around the house. Obviously.

I’m already nervously checking over my shoulders and looking in the corners of room when I enter to make sure that the zombie spider isn’t sneaking up on me. I’m thinking I might have to buy a pair of pantyhose for tonight.

Have you ever had a spider corpse disappear from its resting spot? Is there a way to repel zombie spiders?

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