My ThredUp Experience

I’ve talked about my love of online consignment stores before and was a huge fan of Twice for years. However, Twice recently closed their doors… leaving an opening in my heart for a new online consignment love.

So, I decided to try out ThredUp to see if it would make the cut. Since I haven’t done my end-of-season clean out, I haven’t tried selling items to ThredUp yet. Instead, I browsed their stock of like-new clothing and ordered a couple items.

Tip #1: Browsing a ton of items can be pretty overwhelming, so I streamlined the process by creating my own “personal shop.”
I’ve learned over the years that I am super picky about my consignment purchases, so I typically only order brands that I KNOW fit me well. For my personal shop, I included J.Crew, Anthropologie and Lucky Brand in sizes 12 and Large. This way, all I had to do was press that button and everything that shows up is stuff I know will fit me right.

Tip #2: KNOW your Stuff.
I love J.Crew cardigan sweaters because they really do wear better than their cheaper counterparts. I’ve been wearing the crap out of my green version, so when I saw a similar blue cardigan pop up I grabbed it. It was just called “J.Crew Cardigan” but I knew that based on the 100% cotton material of the sweater that it was probably either the Jackie sweater (the J.Crew store version) or the Clare sweater (the J. Crew Factory version).

Jcrew cardigan screenshot

Here’s where it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for… the Jackie cardigan typically sells for $65 full price and the Clare cardigan goes for $54.50 before sales. Much lower than the $110 retail price showing up on the ThredUp website. If you keep an eye on the sales, it is possible that you could get either of these sweaters for $30 – 40. The ThredUp sweater, which ended up being the Clare version, was marked at $29.49. I was able to use a new customer promo code for an additional percentage off my order… so the sweater came to just $17.70. By being an informed shopper, I was able to know that I was getting a pretty great deal.

Tip #3: Take a Chance.
I’d been looking for a simple, yet supportive, bikini top to add to my collection. When I saw that this orange version – also from J.Crew – was only $12.49 for an underwire style with halter straps, I took a chance on it and pressed “buy.”

Jcrew swimsuit top screenshot

With my additional promo code, the swimsuit top came to just $7.49… which is even cheaper than one from Target (for a much better quality). At that price, I figured that if it didn’t fit I wasn’t losing much. However, ThredUp offers free returns. So, it really was worth a try.

When the swimsuit top came in the mail I was shocked that it not only had the halter straps, but also came with a baggie containing the bra-type straps with their original tag still attached. WHAT A DEAL! You know what was an even better deal? The fact that the bikini top fits like it was made for me. I can’t wait to wear it on our last trip to the ocean in a couple weeks!

Both items I ordered had notes that there were “tiny flaws” on them… however after searching over them each closely, I can’t find a single thing wrong with them. I even wore my new blue sweater to work last week:

I have to say that for my first order with ThredUp, I was really quite satisfied. For a total of $31.18 I was able to purchase a classic cardigan sweater and a really well-made swimsuit top. There are certainly items on ThredUp that I find a bit too highly priced for a consignment item, but if you are an informed shopper you can certainly score some really great items for fantastic prices!

Would you like $20 to spend at ThredUp? I have a special referral promo code that will give you $20 towards your order.

Have you shopped online at ThredUp before? Is there a particular brand/item you always search for, like my addiction to J.Crew cardigans?


Disclosure: ThredUp provided me with a credit to try out their company and post about my experiences. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you choose to use my referral link, you will receive $20 towards your ThredUp purchase and I will receive a referral benefit as well. Thank you to anyone who chooses to click through and support my shopping addiction!

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7 thoughts on “My ThredUp Experience”

  1. I didn’t even know this existed. The internet just has everything, doesn’t it? I like the black and white dress with the blue cardigan. You’re such a smart shopper and you put outfits together very well. It’s not something I’m good at (at all), so I admire you for it.

  2. I LOVE ThredUp! I bought a few things a while back and have now been stalking their maternity wear! It is so awesome that they have a maternity section…I think its silly to buy expensive clothes I’m only planning on wearing less than 6 months! Yay for consignment!

    1. Oh my gosh, I totally agree that it makes no sense to buy maternity clothes for a few months of wear. I got by with borrowed clothes, a couple pairs of pants, maternity tank tops and non-maternity sweaters! =)

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