All the Eileen Fisher: Poshmark Scores

I’ve talked about my ‘love affair’ with Eileen Fisher clothing before and with the chilly weather outside, I’m back to stalking the brand’s sustainably made sweaters. As much as I enjoy the vibe of Eileen Fisher, I certainly do not enjoy the cost when it is full price.

It started with me going through my closet and pulling out all the sweaters I want to wear but never reach for. I re-found this fabulous Eileen Fisher linen sweater I bought off Poshmark for $40 back in July and love it so much!

So yeah, I went on Poshmark and accidentally bought three more Eileen Fisher sweaters. Oops.

Let’s check out my latest Poshmark scores!

Score #1: Brown Cotton & Cashmere Open Cardigan

Source: Poshmark Listing

I wanted something warm, but I can’t deal with wool… so I thought this cotton and cashmere blend cardigan would be perfect. I couldn’t find this exact cardigan online, but similar ones sell for $200 – 400 on the Eileen Fisher website. I bought this one for $45 and it is beautiful and in perfect condition! The fabric is lightweight but warm and it’s fantastic over a t-shirt and joggers for a work-from-home day, or over a top and jeans for a leave-the-house day.

Score #2: Silk & Cashmere Bateau Neck Top

Source: Poshmark Listing

This powder blue sweater was totally an impulse buy because the price was right. It is brand new with tags and the retail tags are for $198. I purchased this for just $30 and it was delivered to my house last night. As I had hoped, it is super soft and drapey. However, as an unexpected surprise it has lantern sleeves — where the sleeves billow out a bit before coming in at the cuff. I LOVE this surprise, because it adds a bit of added interest to an otherwise plain sweater. Once again, I’m planning to wear it with joggers for a fancy work-from-home lewk that works for Zoom calls, or with jeans for leaving the house. For a gamble of $30, the price was right!

Score #3: Organic Cotton & Cashmere Sequined Cardigan

Source: Eileen Fisher Renew website

This one was totally not my fault. I love sequins. I love cardigans. I love deals. And the Poshmark seller kept reducing the price over and over again… until I couldn’t take it anymore and snapped this baby up for $17. I’m not sure what the original retail price was (possibly $298 based on my research), but the Eileen Fisher Renew website where they sell their gently used clothes has it listed for $105.

Plot twist: when the seller went to mail out the sweater, she couldn’t find it and cancelled my order! I had already fallen in ‘like like’ with the sweater though, so I did another Poshmark search using “Eileen Fisher sequins” as my term and BOOM I found another one for sale for $40. I put a ‘heart’ on it so that it would show up in my likes and then shut the app. By time I was done with my morning workout, the seller sent an offer for $20 and I bought it!

While it was $3 more than my original score. I’m still pretty darn happy to get this for $20. I can’t wait to wear this over dresses when I return to work, or just over a t-shirt at home to feel extra fancy!

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. If you choose to use my special Poshmark code to sign up for an account, you will get $5 off your first order and I will also get $5 off a future order.

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2 thoughts on “All the Eileen Fisher: Poshmark Scores”

  1. It is,always fun to see what you buy. Love, love the linen sweater! You are really getting good deals! I love Eileen Fisher clothes. I used to get Ellen Tracy, as well. You don’t see this brand much, anymore. Would you know if they are selling online, or in stores? Do you see them in thrift shops?

    1. It looks like Ellen Tracy is still around! I googled and it seems that the brand is now carried at Belk, with some options available on Amazon as well. If I remember correctly, I think I have an Ellen Tracy dress that I thrifted at some point! =)

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