Am I Sick or Just Tired?

I’m having one of those weeks. Jack came down sick on Monday – he has had a few different symptoms on the COVID symptoms list. So, I took him to the pediatrician for a COVID test yesterday afternoon. He’s in great spirits though and hasn’t even missed any school since he’s still 100% virtual. Today is a snow day, so he gets some bonus goof off time… which is MUCH needed right now.

I’ve been feeling super tired and rundown, but it could be because I’ve been up with Jack at night. Or that I’ve been working out. Or that I’m just exhausted from living in the land of COVID for almost a year. Or that I’m getting sick too. Or maybe it’s all in my head and manifesting in me feeling bad.

It’s funny though. How the second you have ANY symptom at all you immediately feel that fear. That feeling of WHAT did I do to mess things up. Was it my trip to the grocery store? Was I an absolute idiot to take my kid for a haircut? Should we have just stayed home locked down like we have for the past 11 months. Is this my fault?

Yesterday, the initial rapid test for both the flu and COVID came back negative, but we will be getting the more reliable COVID test results in 2-3 days. And honestly we’ve been living in fear of COVID for so long that it almost feels anticlimactic to await test results at this point.

2/12 Update: Jack’s COVID test came back negative!

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One thought on “Am I Sick or Just Tired?”

  1. Well, I think in the course of a year, we all get little things that we probably thought nothing of before. But now, every little sniffle or tiredness, we think may be Covid. You are probably just tired from being up. Take a nap when you can. You don’t want to get behind in your sleep. It has taken me awhile to catch up. I have never been a nap taker, but catch one when I can, now. Stress can make you tired, too.
    Just be good to yourself. That will make you feel better, in a lot of ways. You know what they say, you have to take care of yourself, so you can take care of everyone else. Good luck with your tests!

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