Anthropologie’s Aleah Dress: Online vs In-Person

I haven’t shopped at Anthropologie for quite some time – they tend to go through phases with their designs and frankly I haven’t loved their dresses or skirts lately. When they sent me my annual birthday coupon I just sort of threw it in a pile and assumed I wouldn’t use it. A couple weeks ago, I was in the area of a store and saw that they had one of their 30% off everything on sale promotions running, so I spent about 5 minutes doing a quick breeze through their sale room. Nothing much caught my eye – and Jack was with me – so we left. On my way out, I saw a really pretty dress in the window and it totally haunted me until I looked it up online when we got home.

It’s the Aleah Dress (find it here) and it’s full price is $158. I’m sure it will go on sale soon, everything at Anthro does at some point.

Source: Anthropologie


The one I saw in the window was this green version and it is basically everything I like in a dress. The pattern was pretty, the wrap neckline was in a flattering “v”, the waist had a stretchy elastic thing going on and the hem looked knee-length. Oh and it has sleeves, so I don’t have to worry about throwing on a cardigan to cover my tattoo for work. The only bad thing was that my size was on backorder until the end of October.

I kept reading the reviews though and they were so convincing that this was basically the most magical dress in all the land. I broke down and used my birthday promo code to order the blue version.

Source: Anthropologie


As you all know, online models make almost everything look amazing. So, I was curious to see if it would look as good on me….

And no. It’s TERRIBLE on me. The wrap top is okay and keeps everything covered, but there is so much fabric that it just kind of bags around. The sleeves are quite blousy and even when pushed to be ¾ length. The worst part is the skirt. The ruffles give it a weird hemline and even though the ladies on the reviews said it was so pretty and flattering… well, it’s not. It’s just totally awful on me and doesn’t flatter my figure at all.

I high-tailed it back to Anthropologie to return it over the weekend. It’s super disappointing, but at least it will make it easy to avoid the mall until Christmas!

Do you like my online vs. in-person posts? Is there a store you think I should try out for an upcoming post?

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