Tell Me What You Think: Reader Survey (+ a Bribe)

Can you believe that I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years? That’s a lot of me writing about me. And every so often I get totally sick of the sound of my own voice and I want to hear from YOU GUYS. Actually, I like to hear from you always on blog comments and Instagram and Facebook… but I LOVE it when I do a survey and hear what you really think!

I did my last full reader survey back in 2014 (you can find a breakdown of all the answer’s here in handy chart and graph form) and I think now is a great time to do another one. It’s super quick with less than 10 questions.

And of course, there is a bribe! Every single person who leaves a comment (that lets me know you did the anonymous survey) will be entered to win… SOMETHING AWESOME! Yeah, I’m not entirely sure what that something awesome will be yet, but I have a super fabulous stash of stuff (think jewelry and beauty items) and I’m going to make you up a prize pack of awesomeness!

THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. (Results coming soon!)

If you want to remain anonymous that is totally fine. However, if you want to be entered to win the ‘something awesome’ just leave me a quick comment below (something like DID IT is fine)!

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55 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Think: Reader Survey (+ a Bribe)”

  1. I just did the survey! Super quick and easy. Then I had a panic attack because there was no where to enter my contact info. Ok, not really a panic attack but I do love trying to win amazing prizes. Thanks for giving us that chance 🙂

  2. Love your fashion and how you put your look together. Gives me great ideas since we have similar body types! Did the survey! Don’t be sad I’m old, I pass along your fashion to. Y daughter.

  3. Always good to check in with your readers! I am a teacher and I send home a survey every year. I find it really helpful and have gotten great suggestions from parents that I still use.

  4. Done! I love checking in on whatever random activity you’ve tried, new thing you’ve bought, or random thought that has popped into your head! Keep up that real life blog!

  5. Did the survey. Almost cried when it asked my age category. I’m the bottom end of my age range, but the top end looks old.

  6. Love that you’ve stayed true to your blog – there’s not a lot of sponsored content, and if there is, it’s something that you actually believe in!

  7. I enjoy your writing. I don’t plan to ever subscribe to a subscription box, but I enjoy your reviews of them. I think it’s the sense of humor. 🙂 Love all your posts, especially the yearly birthday photo.

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