My 5 Most Worn Items for Work in 2017… so far

I was putting together my September Wrap Up post and thought about how some items are shown again and again and again and again… Since I’m in a Statistics class right now, I thought it would be interesting to actually go in and count to determine my most worn items.

I know, my life is so exciting…

Anyways, I checked each of my Wrap Up posts from this year (I’ve been doing them regularly since January) and did a little tally chart. There were a few items that I totally love and thought I wore a ton, but they actually only showed up a few times. There were other items that I wore every single month so far. I thought it might give me better shopping guidance to see the things that I actually got a ton of use out of, so here are my top 5 worn items for work:

#1: Diba Adela Laser Cut T-Strap Sandals – 21 wears
I purchased these sandals from my May 2016 Stitch Fix. I’m sure I wore them during the summer of 2016, but I wasn’t keeping track at that time. Even so, I wore these sandals to work 21 times between February and September (they were packed away in January because it was freezing). They are super comfortable with interesting detailing and a very walkable wedge heel, so it’s a no brainer for when I have a super-long workday where I’ll be running around a bunch.

Original price: $75
Cost per wear: $3.57 so far

What I learned: These sandals are getting tons of use and still look great, but they won’t last forever. Instead of buying higher heels that barely get worn, I’m going to try to pass them over in favor of a similar height wedge in black.

Shopping Help: You can find my exact sandals here on clearance for $24.99.

#2: Cable & Gauge black cardigan – 16 wears
I don’t even remember when I originally purchased this black cardigan, but it is one of my favorites due to its ¾ sleeves and lack of pilling. I wore it 16 times so far in 2017 and I’m sure I wore it even more previously. I recently came across an identical replacement cardigan at the thrift store for $6 (with the tags still on!) so I went ahead and purchased it.

Original price: $30
Cost per wear: $1.87 so far

What I learned: You can’t go wrong with a well-made black cardigan. I already thrifted a replacement, so I should be set for a while. However, as my other colors wear out I’ll check Nordstrom Rack instead of spending my money on ones that don’t hold up as well.

Shopping Help: You can find an identical Cable & Gauge cardigan here on Amazon.

#3: Amanda & Chelsea Runched Sleeve blazer – 14 wears
I’m pretty sure I purchased this blazer at Nordstrom Rack in November 2016. I like it because it is comfortable and lightweight with shorter ¾ sleeves (which keep me from overheating). It also has a nice shape and flares out a bit from the waist. I liked it so much I also purchased a similar version with teeny-tiny polka dots. I wore the black version 14 times in 9 months!

Original Price: $60
Cost per wear: $4.61 so far

What I learned: I always feel like I need to find more blazers, but when it comes down to it I don’t really switch them up much. I currently own this one in black, the polka dot version, a gray heathered blazer and a navy boucle blazer. I’m all set and won’t be looking for any more.

Shopping Help: You can find my exact Amanda & Chelsea blazer here at Nordstrom Rack.

#4: Black knee-length skirt – 11 wears
I love patterns and sometimes the easiest way to wear a patterned blouse is to tuck it into a simple black knee-length skirt. I have a couple in rotation, but the one I wore most this year is the version I thrifted in April 2017. I wore this skirt 11 times so far in 2017.

Original Price: $13
Cost per wear: $1.18

What I learned: I tend to throw on my black skirts a lot – both for work and on weekends – so when I see a good replacement I jump on it. I recently picked up a faux-wrap version at Nordstrom Rack when they were having their last Clear the Rack sale (the one pictured above). It was $12 and will work out well as a replacement when the thrifted version looks too worn. In the future, I’m going to try to point myself towards more solid colored skirts to round out my closet.

Shopping Help: You can find a similar knee-length skirt here at Nordstrom Rack or this one is super similar to my Bobeau faux wrap skirt and is on sale for $30.

#5: Franco Sarto black suede booties – 11 wears (in just 3 months!)
Obviously, I didn’t get much wear out of these booties over the summer, but I wore them 11 times in just 3 months this year. I picked them up at Nordstrom Rack in February 2016 and they are some of the most comfortable winter shoes I own. They look good with both bare legs and tights, and the wedge heel is comfortable to wear all day long.

Original Price: $70
Cost per wear: $6.36

What I learned: The cost per wear on these is still a little high (compared to the other items), but with cooler weather coming I’m sure I will wear these a bunch more times before the end of the year! Once again, basic black is always best and the easiest way for me to tone down some of my crazy patterns. I thrifted a pair of Marco Tozzi black heeled booties in June for just $6.50 and I plan to add them to my rotation so that these don’t wear out too quickly.

Shopping Help: You can find a similar pair of Toms suede booties here at Nordstrom Rack or these if you prefer a lower heel.

Did you enjoy my cost-per-wear exercise? What are your top three worn items?


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One thought on “My 5 Most Worn Items for Work in 2017… so far”

  1. Crikey, it would take me AGES to do this! Kudos for making the effort though, always interesting to see what gets worn the most. I often stop wearing things for fear they will wear out and I won’t be able to replace them. Then I just take them out of rotation for a while.

    At a guess my grey H&M shoes would be one of my most worn items as they just go with everything.

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