April Thrift Haul

I didn’t think I’d be able to find the time to do much April thrifting, but I must have underestimated the stress that comes with finals for my master’s program! I made a few ‘mental health’ thrifting stops and ended up getting super lucky with some fantastic finds for myself and Jack.

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My Consignment Score Find
My friend recently visited a local consignment shop called Clothes Mentor and was blown away at what they had to offer, so she sent me an online coupon to try it out myself. The store is pretty great – it’s like they took a lot of the hard work out of thrifting — it’s neat and organized by size! I tried on a bunch of items, but only ended up buying this super soft cashmere sweater.

Talbots 100% Cashmere Intarsia Heart Sweater, size Large, $10
According to my research, this sweater originally sold at Talbots for $179. It was marked at $20, but with my friend’s $10 off coupon I got it for just $10! Of course, now it’s finally starting to get warm… so I’ll most likely be packing this one away to enjoy next Fall/Winter.


Land’s End Double Bottle Insulated Wine Tote, $4.99
I always do a drive-by of the purse aisle because you never know what you’re going to find. This super cute bag turned out to be a double-bottle wine tote from Land’s End. The two inside pockets are insulated to keep your wine cold and there are external pockets for your bottle opener and snacks! I searched and searched, but couldn’t find anything like this online. This one looks like it’s never even been used and I can’t WAIT to use it for our next wine festival! It is very plain though, so I might end up adding some embroidery, patches or even paint on some flowers at some point. For $5, why not?!

My Fitness Clothing Finds
I recently cleaned out my exercise clothes drawer, so I was looking for a couple items to round out my normal workout clothes options.

Title Nine Double Time tank top, Large $4.99
North Face running shirt, XL, $11.99

Nike Leggings, Medium, $8
LuLaRoe Jade Leggings, Large, $8.99
32 Degree Cool shorts, Large, $4.99

I love both the tops and have already worn them for my 10k and also a home workout. I’m so happy I picked up the shorts, because right after I bought them we had two days in the mid-to-high 80’s and I have NO warmer clothes out right now. I basically wore these nonstop, including to bed at night! I didn’t bother trying on the LaLaRoe leggings in the store, which was a mistake because they fit more like a medium. However, the Nike leggings that actually are a medium… fit like a large. Sigh. Guess I’ll be adding the LaLaRoe leggings to my next ThredUp bag!

My Kiddo Clothing Finds

The kid’s section is always hit and miss – even more so than just the overall thrift store. Often the clothing is WAY too worn to consider buying, but every so often I do a breeze through and get lucky. Each of these items was just $2 and with my discount they came down to $1.40 each! Jack doesn’t need a lot right now, but these ‘wicking’ t-shirts and tank top will be great for summer and summer camp. As soon as the sweatpants hit his drawer, he grabbed them out to wear them. Apparently the zipper pockets are perfect for keeping his Lego guys safe!

My Work/Home Clothing Finds

Nic + Zoe sweater, petite small, $3
Cable & Gauge sweater, large, $5.50
Ann Taylor wrap top, large, $5
Karl Lagerfeld Paris skirt, large, $7
Etoile linen tank, $5
Tahari Wave Patent Leather sandals, size 9, $8

Like I said, it was quite a bountiful month! I often throw a patterned cardigan over a t-shirt on the weekends, so I anticipate getting lots of wear out of the two sweaters. I love Nic + Zoe knits, so I’m happy to have picked this one up for just $3. The linen tank top is fantastic for home on weekends or under a blazer at work. And those shoes… so adorable! I can see wearing them with everything from skirts to cut-off shorts!

I already wore the Ann Taylor wrap top and paired it with a high-waisted Anthropologie skirt:

I also tried the spotted cardigan and skirt together:

For the month of April, I bought 18 items, which is quite a lot. Luckily, I’m also doing a great deal of closet purging (post coming up soon).

Here’s my thrifting spending breakdown for the month:
Fitness clothes: $39 on 5 items.
Kid’s clothes: $7 on 5 items.
Work/home clothes: $43.50 on 7 items.
Wine holder – $5 and worth it!

I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)?

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3 thoughts on “April Thrift Haul”

  1. The outfit with the blue sweater looks great on you. The skirt is gorgeous and is a very flattering cut.

  2. I love reading your thrifting posts! We have no stores within 2 hours with anything good but I love seeing what other people find!

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