April Wrap Up: What I Wore

It’s time for my monthly wrap up where I show you the outfits I wore throughout the month.  My reasoning behind doing the wrap up is that whenever I check out other bloggers wrap ups, I’m always inspired by the different ways they style the same items over and over again. So, hopefully I can help someone else out of a wardrobe rut!

I typically work from home two days a week (Monday and Friday), so each week will usually only have three work outfits. This month, I included a ‘bonus look’ of what Jack and I wore for Easter brunch.

Here are all my April looks:

I put little hearts next to my most popular outfits according to my Instagram friends. I appreciate all the love! It was basically a month of dresses, skirts and booties! Perfect for that in-between season weather of not too cold and not too hot (yet).

New in Rotation for April:
Red floral thrift store skirt (from this post) – row 1, outfit 1
Anthropologie dress bought off eBay (from this post) – row 1, outfit 2
Gold belt from Old Navy (find it here) – row 2, outfit 3 and row 3, outfit 3
Black thrift store skirt (from this post) – row 3, outfit 3
Gray booties scooped up for $29 at the Nordstrom Rack sale (see here on IG) – row 5, outfit 1

So, what do you think? Are you digging the monthly wrap up for some outfit remix ideas?

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