Fitness Update: 8 week update

Back in March, I got to a bit of a breaking point where I was super frustrated with myself, my body and my eating habits. So, I decided to make some small changes to my daily life, including eating a little better and working out more. I did an update on the blog at the 2 week mark and have been checking in regularly on Instagram (you can find me here at PocketfulofJoules).

Well, yesterday marks 8 weeks so I did another update on Instagram. I realize that many of my blog readers don’t necessarily follow me over there, so I wanted to share the update with you as well:

As I get ready to do today’s workout, I wanted to give you a little update on my ‘fitness journey’… Monday marks 8 weeks since I decided to start eating a little healthier and add in exercise to my daily life. In the last 8 weeks I’ve worked out about 40 days, which is absolutely a record for me. After some initial weight loss, I’ve basically just maintained. Depending on the day/moment/second, I’m down about 5 pounds. Today I did my measurements for the first time since November and although I don’t really see much of a change, the measurements prove that it is happening. I measured my chest, arms, waist, hips and thighs and I’m down a total of 6.25 inches. Yes, I’m thrilled about this. But I’m even more thrilled that I’ve somehow been able to rearrange my life to fit in exercise and I just feel BETTER. Sure, I have days where I think I’m a blob, but my issues with acid reflux have reduced so much and I actually find the energy to wake up at 5am to do a workout and then work a 12 hour day. Yup, I’m going to add that #fitmom hashtag right here, because I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of the example I am setting for Jack. #joulesgetsfit

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Sure, I still have days where I feel like a blob – in fact, the last couple days have been rough. And yes, I still eat crappy stuff. I just try to make the healthier choice more often than not. And I try to do a workout… more often than not.

So, this is my 8 week update. And I’m not quitting yet.

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