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I had a few days off last week as a perk of working at a University (yay, Spring Break), so I had some time to myself. It was weird. And kind of awesome. So, instead of doing stuff that I could easily do with Jack and/or Travis, I decided to do some things that only I enjoy… like thrifting!

I’ve written about how much I like thrifting before and while I can take Jack, it’s much more peaceful to go by myself. So, last Monday I strapped on my cross-body bag so that my hands were free to look through every piece of clothing on the rack (and possibly fight off other thrifters) and got to it!

I stopped by two different thrift stores and OHMYGOSH did I get some total scores! On the day that I shopped, there were some colored tag sales. Anything with a green or orange tag was an extra 33% off and anything with a blue, pink or violet tag was an extra 50% off. There was basically no rhyme or reason to what item had which tag, so I just picked up anything I was interested in and tried most of it on in the dressing room.

Here’s what I got:

4 Men’s ‘wicking’ t-shirts – $17.36 total ($4.34 each)
We are going to be going to Universal Studios in a couple months, so Travis will be basically living in his swim shorts. I picked up three ‘wicking’ t-shirts for him to wear on our water-ride days. I also found a super cool ‘Punisher’ running shirt in a men’s medium that I claimed for myself (you can see it here). I have a hero/villain 5k coming up and this might end up being part of my running outfit. The color tags on these shirts made no sense, two were green, one orange and one pink. All in all, I paid $17.36 total for them all which is less than one shirt from Under Armour.

Black Flowy Dress – marked at $14.99 with a violet 50% off tag ($7.49)

I admit, this dress is giving off quite the ‘witchy woman’ vibe. I liked it because it is super soft and the tie belt adds some nice curves. With that being said, its super long and kind of takes over my entire body. I’ve already cut off the bottom to make it knee-length and just need to buy some black thread so I can stitch up the hem. I’m not sure if I’m going to wear this as a dress or maybe just use it as a beach cover-up. What do you think?

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress – marked as $14.99 with a green 33% off tag ($9.89)

Well, this dress was obviously the thrifting find of my entire life. This is a brand-spanking-new with tags Diane von Furstenberg dress that sold at Nordstrom for $428. I found it on their website here and it was an exclusive collaboration between DVF and Piece & Co. The dress is made from one-of-a-kind artisan textiles from India and was sold in Nordstrom in Spring/Summer 2015. The most amazing thing is that it was in perfect condition, it is my size, AND it is a print/style that I like with a flowy skirt. The entire time I was shopping I was afraid someone was going to steal it out of my basket! I had some initial thoughts of possibly selling it for a huge profit, but I’ve decided that it’s mine, mine, MINE!

Red Floral Pleated Skirt – marked at $8.99 with a green 33% off tag ($5.93)

This skirt is one of my other favorite finds of the day. It didn’t have new tags on it, but it looked and felt like it was in brand-new condition. This is a lesson in trying everything on regardless of size, because this skirt was marked as a 14 petite and I would say it fits more like a 10. I love, love, love it and can’t wait to wear it this spring!

Here it is styled for work:


Would you guess that it cost less than $6?

Soybu hoodie – marked at $5.99 with a with a violet 50% off tag ($2.99)
I’m pretty sure that the hoodie I bought from the thrift store is the same as this hydrangea “wendy” hoodie on the Soybu website. Do I need another lightweight hoodie? Nope. But was I going to snap one that looks brand new up for $3? Heck yeah!


I’d love to hear your thrifting stories! Did you find a diamond in the rough (literally or figuratively)? Have you ever gotten in a fight over an item? What do you like to look for while thrifting?

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6 thoughts on “Thrift Store Haul”

  1. I adore the black dress! If I had it I would sew some elastic around above the elbows to pull the sleeves in or even thread some ribbon through and tie in bows to match accessories (hope that makes sense).

    1. That’s a great idea! I’m going to wear it a couple times first because I kind of like the swoopy sleeves But if they start driving me nuts, I’ll have to sew them up! =)

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